Weekly Worst Dressed

| August 1, 2011 at 4:49 PM

Silver stretch pants don’t even look good on celebrities – so why do they exist? Such questions are raised by this week’s gallery of worst dressed celebrities. There are some people here that don’t belong on the list because they usually dress better (Jessica Biel, Tyra Banks, we’re looking at YOU):


Tyra Banks

Rose Mcgowan


Olivia Wilde

Maggie Q

Kristen Bauer

Kirstie Alley

Jessica Biel

Emma Roberts

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  1. Burcin says:

    Paz’ pants has to be the worst. And is it not buttoned properly?! I think it’s too tight and the color is horrible.

    I actually like Emma Roberts’ look, don’t know what that says about my fashion sense….

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