Weekly Worst Dressed

| October 10, 2011 at 1:25 AM

You think some of these ladies would get tired of ending up on Worst Dressed Lists around the world. Some of them, however, don’t belong on this list! Pixie Lott and Sophie Monk need to step up their game. They’re way too cute to pull these kind of style shenanigans.

Audrina Partridge bores us in a dated look

Short Shorts and Long Jacket don't look good on Taryn Manning

These proportions are all wrong for Sophie Monk's body type

If Rumer Willis wants to bring back the 90s, there are better ways to do it

Just say no to the cat ears next time, Pixie Lott!

Lily Allen had the makings of a good outfit, but ruined it with a poor choice of accessories.

Katie Price is typically trashy.

Ciara! What happened?! You're too cute to do this to yourself!

Bai Ling can almost get away with this because she's consistently eccentric

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