Vanessa Leather Tote in Wine

| March 25, 2013 at 1:04 AM

Vanessa Leather Tote Wine With Suede
The Vanessa Leather is one of the most stylish and trendy handbag styles in recent years. It’s incredibly versatile as well. We’ve seen teen girls, ladies in their 20-s, 30’s and beyond all carrying this shape and it looks great on all of them. It doesn’t have a specific age group or style – its look changes entirely depending on who’s wearing it and what they’re wearing it with. This is not the norm. Usually, bags can either age you or look like they’re too “young” a style at your age.

The next best thing is the deep, rich wine color. Somewhere between a velvety plum and a burgundy summer wine, this color is super stylish and will make heads turn. Drop dead gorgeous ladies who want to impress with their equally matched style should go for this bag.




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