The Lila Leather Tassel Hobo Bag in Electric Blue

| April 14, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Lila Leather Tassel Hobo Bag Blue

Whether you’re mingling with everyone who’s anyone in the music and fashion industries at Coachella or whether you’re Monaco’s royalty lounging around on a yacht, this bag will look fantastic on your arm. The shape is a vintage, timeless classic. The throwback to the 60s makes it elegant as well as super trendy.

In case you haven’t been perusing through the fashion blogs lately, we’ll have you know that tassels are very in and super hot right now. This bag has a tassel accent without going overboard with tassels along the entire bag so anyone can rock this look. The color keeps it fresh and flirty for spring. If you missed your chance to tote this along to Palm Springs, California this year, take it to the next music festival. Electric Daisy, perhaps? The wildly popular blue tint would fit right in without blending into the background. After all, this bag is what you wear to make a statement, not be a wallflower.

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