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Vintage Wine
When you’re just going out for a low-key romantic dinner, you want to forget everything else behind, relax and just enjoy yourself. Keep the stuff you carry to a bare minimum with this beautiful Baginc vintage frame coin purse in wine. The vintage look of the leather and the antique-style clasp make it a unique way to carry your phone, cards and money. Sometimes all you need is something small – not a bulky tote or a strap bag that you have to adjust all the time.

last Lila Leather Tassel Hobo

The handbag market has been flooded with a select variety of shapes lately. There are the flap bags, no-nonsense totes, rhombus-shaped bags and some duffel bags. While these are what we mostly see, this shape is also coming back in. The Lila Leather Tassel Hobo Bag comes in a variety of beautiful colors but its design is what we love most.

If you want to look super stylish without looking like you’re following the flock, this is the bag to go for. The hobo shape means it’s not stiff and is easy to hold without worrying you’ll crush or dent it. There’s nothing hobo about the overall look it gives however, that is more like a cool, clubbing Manhattanite girl in the 70’s. The metallic tassels are the finishing touch which make this bag truly unforgettable.

Beige Bag

In our second Friday installment of “Bag of the Week” there seems to be one clear contender. This bag is a new arrival, and it’s probably going to sell out quickly. We’re speaking, of course, of the The Vintage. Even though we already mentioned it as one of the many perfect accessories to use to capture the Schoolgirl Chic Look, it should be noted that this bag is more than just a flash-in-the-pan trend.

Its graceful structure and supple leather qualify it for the category of “Timeless Classic.” Indeed, this bag is reminiscent of vintage Salvatore Ferragamo and leather Lanvin bags from the 60’s. Since the recent vintage revival in the fashion industry, there have been many vintage-inspired bags from top designers, but none beat the simple, gorgeous look of our bag. Coming in two shades, rich oxblood and matte black, this casual handbag looks best with business, casual, and vintage-themed outfits. It’s all too easy to picture this vintage classic shape on the arm of Peggy Olsen in Mad Men, or in the hands of Marianne Faithfull back in her hey-day.

It’s hard not to covet a bag where every detail (luxurious leather, subtle silver hardware, vintage-inspired flap closure, etc.) is so perfect – which is why this is our pick for Bag of the Week!