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Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Yellow

Still looking for that one brightly colored bag that will add a touch of vibrance to your look? Look no further than the Whitney Smooth Leather bag in yellow. This fresh pop of color is an asset to any stylista’s wardrobe no matter what the season. It doesn’t hurt that one of this year’s biggest trends is neons and bright colors. You can thank the 90’s for helping them make a comeback.

The  Whitney bag is available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures and prints. If you don’t have one already, this one is a great one to start your collection with.

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Yellow


Gold Necklace

Kendall Jenner’s fame is quickly surpassing that of Kim Kardashian’s. While Kim’s been pregnant, her image has gone from curvaceous bombshell to soon-to-be reality TV mom. Kendall is not only a model, her public appearances with other pop culture icons is making her a celebrity in her own right.

The New York Times even ran a piece on her although the ditzy teen hardly had a thing to say. In an entirely baffling manner, she just repeats what her publicist tells her to say, verbatim. Her extremely dull personality can be forgiven by her sense of style. True to California girl form, her gold tan is often accompanied by golden necklaces and jewelry pieces. Her latest addition to the gold jewelry craze has been a body chain draped over the stomach. However, our fave is the necklaces she wore which are similar to this one by Baginc.