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Marion Cotillard is best known for the mermaid inspired dress that she wore to her Academy Award win for La Vie en Rose. Pictures from that night catapulted her into fame in the fashion world across the globe. No one can look red carpet worthy all the time but Marion is one of those leading ladies that look beautiful even when they’re casually dressed.


One way to look top notch even when dressed in airport comfort-clothes is to carry a well-made bag. While the bag doesn’t have to be designer, that definitely helps. Not because logos are what make a beautiful accessory but because what makes a bag great is quality materials, intricate details and top quality manufacturing.

The one she carried to the airport is a duffel bag with a long strap, making it convenient to carry. The top handles added versatility. The bag features a signature cannage pattern on the exterior in large print. A gold hang tags are a classy touch.


Katie Holmes was a fashionista in full-force in the early years of the TomKat whirlwind romance. In the last few years, the actress has seemed like she’s deathly tired of the media attention. To ward off press attention and paparazzi hound dogs, the young mom stopped stepping out looking like a million bucks.

It seemed like she just wanted to blend in and be left alone. Now and then however, she’s spotted carrying a cool bag or wearing interesting shoes. Bags seem to be more of her thing though. (She’s been spotted wearing the same boots all of last season, shockingly.)

This bag has two flaps and creates the funny illusion that the viewer’s vision has doubled. The optical trick makes you look at it more intensely, a cooler way of getting someone to notice your bag than having a logo plastered on it. This quirky design shows that the bag isn’t just a run of the mill mass-produced item, it was designed by someone who puts thought and creativity into their work.

Even though Katie looks like a miffed superstar with her oversized sunglasses, cold steely glare and designer bag, she’s traveling on New York’s subway like an ordinary commoner just like the rest of us. Seems like a woman who is grounded, down to earth, highly fashionable but very weary of the media scrutiny, even though some speculate she engineers her life to keep public interest growing. What do you make of this leading lady and her complicated yet intriguing life and fashion sense?

What do you look for in the perfect travel bag? We look for a roomy bag, with lots of pockets and a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is essential for allowing us to walk about hands-free. There’s no room in our life for added complications, so a high maintenance bag (like a clutch – just imagine traveling with a clutch!) simply won’t do.
Whether you are catching a plane or train, or driving to your Christmas vacation destination, you have to carefully plan what you bring. Flying is now fraught with tension and more rules than the Code of Hammurabi. You can only carry toiletry containers of 3 oz or less. Pay extra for your luggage. Strip for security. Turn off your cellphone. Take out your laptop on the security conveyer belt. Take off your shoes. It’s tedious and annoying, which is why being organized can decrease the stress of travel exponentially.
We have put together a list of some of our best travel bags. Organize your essentials in their many pockets, throw in a novel and maybe a wrap for comfort, sling over your shoulder, and go!

The Big Apple Studded Crossbody Bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, an outside pocket (very convenient!), inside pockets for your cellphone and keys, and is very roomy. The Hottest Bag from 2010 has many pockets and pouches for easy organization, an adjustable shoulder strap, a top handle, and a flap closure. Flap closures are great because they reduce the risk of purse spills!
The Trendiest Messenger Bag is the perfect size for travel. It comes with many exterior pockets for ease of use  (for example: just throw your boarding pass into an exterior pocket for easy access. No fumbling at checkpoints!). Bring colorful cheer to boring holiday travel with this Louisa Crossbody Bag.   It’s made from durable, washable denim and has an adjustable shoulder stap.   This is an ideal casual travel bag. The The Ashton Woven Messenger Bag is a unisex bag that goes the distance. With a sporty look, and multiple features this bag is perfect for carting your essentials, from magazines to laptops.