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The Route 66 Cowhide Leather Bag With Big Studs OrangeDo you sometimes wonder how celebs manage to look like, well, celebs while they’re doing mundane human things like going to the salon? They can be wearing track pants, jeans or a tank top and even with their face covered, you’ll know it’s someone famous or important. How is that possible? Sometimes its because they’re carrying one of those “It” bags that automatically lets you know they’re the kind of person with money.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend an entire month’s salary on getting such a bag for yourself. The Route 66 Cowhide is an iconic bag with a frugal price tag. It’s the kind of bag you can carry with no makeup, casual duds and still look like a million bucks.

The Route 66 Cowhide Leather Bag With Big Studs Orange

The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag Grey
This street style blogger has put together a really cool way to carry the Route 66 satchel. If you thought gray is a dull color, think again. This is proof you can carry a gray bag and look manage to look anything but reminiscent of winter. Her look is very trendy and has a summer vibe.

Denim and navy are two colors that go really well with gray. The retro look of the bag and the fringe-like straps make the addition of cowgirl-style ankle boots a great fit. She tops it off with an embellished jacket and a turquoise necklace. Good job, girl!

The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag Camel

The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag In Camel is the kind of handbag purchase which comes with two of the best qualities to look for in a handbag. For one, it’s classic shape has been spotted on the arm of just about every celeb out there who is on-point with current fashions. Two, its camel color is one that never goes out of style. No matter what the year or season, there’s always a wide option of outfits you can complement with this handbag color.

Made of luxury handbag leather, its also versatile and lets you choose whether you hold it and show it off in the crook of your arm or attach the two longer straps that come with it to make it more comfy to carry if you are in a rush or have to hold other things. Great buy!