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In just two years, Taylor Momsen has gone from squeaky clean teen to full on modern goth.

(Left to Right) Taylor Momsen in 2008, Taylor Momsen in 2010

Since her onscreen debut as Jenny Humphreys in the popular show, Gossip Girl, she has slowly transformed her personal appearance to one of angsty black eyeliner, blood red lips and slashed up tanks. Her perky blonde haircut is now lank and long. Even though her appearance is dramatic and showy, we love her pouty, “stop looking at me” attitude. It’s so….1990. If you want to get “retro” like Taylor, we put together two looks to help you cop her style. Bags pictured provided by Bag Inc (of course!).

Taylor Momsen1

Featuring our Esme Skulls Shopper.

Taylor Momsen2

Featuring our Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag