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last Lila Leather Tassel Hobo

The handbag market has been flooded with a select variety of shapes lately. There are the flap bags, no-nonsense totes, rhombus-shaped bags and some duffel bags. While these are what we mostly see, this shape is also coming back in. The Lila Leather Tassel Hobo Bag comes in a variety of beautiful colors but its design is what we love most.

If you want to look super stylish without looking like you’re following the flock, this is the bag to go for. The hobo shape means it’s not stiff and is easy to hold without worrying you’ll crush or dent it. There’s nothing hobo about the overall look it gives however, that is more like a cool, clubbing Manhattanite girl in the 70’s. The metallic tassels are the finishing touch which make this bag truly unforgettable.

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