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Black Bag

As we’ve stated numerous times on this blog, the classic flap bag trend is not going anywhere. As quintessential as bags get, this style has been around for decades. There are vintage flap bags of various styles and if you go through old photos, celebs and style savvy ladies have been toting them throughout different fashion eras and decades. While styles and trends change, this style of bag goes well with each one.

The chain link strap is edgy while elegant and the quilted surface of the soft leather is part of what gives it the classic look. The shape comes in different sizes, depending on how you wish to use your bag. This one is definitely n investment!

Grey Grace bag

The Grace Kelly bag is one that immediately makes the wearer look like someone of consequence or someone of influence in the world of fashion. This simple, minimalistic bag has clean cut lines and no frills or logo. Made of high quality genuine leather and designed with impeccable taste and style in mind, that’s all it needs to complete an iconic look.

The padlocked handle completes the look of an elite, very desirable accessory. This isn’t just a bag, it’s a strong statement about who you are and your immaculate style. Not for the faint-hearted wallflowers, to say the least.


Did you know that Baginc has more to offer than just bags? Besides luxury handbags, we provide a wide range of fashion accessories at affordable prices. Phone cases, scarves, mufflers, necklaces, earrings and more!

If you like what you see in these images, click on them to go to our sale page. All items are $10 or less, even some purses and wallets. Some of the keychain charms can even be used to liven up a handbag. Enjoy!



You don’t have to be a fashion insider to know how expensive fabulous ostrich skin bags are. Starting at hundreds and easily climbing up thousands of dollars, ostrich leather is nearly as elite as crocodile leather.

If you want a piece of this look without breaking the bank, check out some of Baginc’s cute and inexpensive ostrich accessories. This is a far better way to indulge in the look without indulging in massive credit card bills. Fashion should be accessible at reasonable prices and that is what we are here for!

Liya Ostrich Leather Long Wallet Beige

Ostrich Phone Covers

In 2005, there was a huge push toward street style in the fashion community. This is thanks, in large part, to Scott Schuman who launched his blog, The Sartorialist in 2005 after leaving a fashion sales position in New York City. Schuman took to the streets of the Big Apple and began snapping photos of stylish people on the street. This ignited such a fire on the internet that hundreds of like-minded individuals from Copenhagen to Tokyo to Miami also started blogs focused on street style.
Street style blogs are a great way to get fashion inspiration. Instead of flipping through a magazine and seeing a perfect looking model wearing only clothes that advertisers dictated, you get to see real people wearing clothes that have real personality; clothes they made, thrift store clothes, vintage pieces, or high end items. It’s the personal touch, the ability to see how stylish people put their looks together in real time, that makes street style so beloved.
When combing the street style blogs this month, we noticed a reoccurring look that we loved: oversized outerwear paired with tights/leggings and chunky shoes. This is a cozy winter look that remains flawlessly stylish throughout the years. Check out some of our favorite looks (and maybe you’ll get some wardrobe inspiration!):

Via Copenhagen Street Style

Via The Sartorialist

Via Style Clicker

Via Face Hunter

What are some of your favorite street style looks of late? What’s your coziest and most stylish winter ensemble?

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