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Sara Lambskin Leather Flap Bag Pink
It’s always a great idea to wear bright colors in spring. Take a break from floral prints and go for a feisty floral colors instead. Add a soft hue to your look with the Sara Lambskin Flap bag too!

Natalie Weave Effect Leather Shoulder Bag Light Purple
As much as you’d love to be lying on a beach somewhere the sun is blazing hot, winter is still here. So why not rock a few more of those dark, smoldering cold weather looks? Dark hues, check. Cozy, woven leather texture, check. Very luxurious, check. The Natalive Woven Leather bags are a very glam look to rock even when this cruel, cold weather passes. But if you order one today, you’ll get a free gift with your purchase – a beautiful Baginc original scarf to keep you warm and trendy til the sun comes back out.

Alexa Spikes Studded Leather Black
Every so often, there comes along a bag which is truly worth waiting for. Even when the style is already out there available for purchase, some women aren’t satisfied until they find the bag that’s the best quality possible for the price. This version of the Alexa bag is a new, improved version of the currently existing one. It has the same metallic gold studs lined along the bottom but the black color of the leather is more rich and deep. The leather itself is softer, shinier and more luxurious than ever. This never goes out of style so whenever you start carrying it, it will look as good as ever!

Shirley Top Handle Bag In Perforated Leather Black

Shirley Top Handle Bag In Perforated Leather Black

There are very few bags which have as much character and personality as the Perforated Shirley Top Handle Bag. This stylish accessory is so much more than just another black leather bag – it’s a creative work of art. The pattern is not random but intricately and meticulously designed. There is beauty in the chaos. Even if you keep your outfit simple, this bag will do all the work to make you look chic.





Never Full Horsefur Tote Black
One thing ladies can’t get enough of is oversized totes. Sure, we love pretty clutches and fancy designer It bags but those are reserved for special occasions. Because of their assorted shapes and sizes, they’re not convenient to carry all the time. You need at least a few bags you can grab for no matter where you’re going or what you need to carry. The problem with finding such bags is also making sure they don’t look like blah hobo bags.

The Never Full Horsefur tote is not only as spacious as a luggage tote, it’s also very chic. This leather and faux fur combo is not only stylish and sleek in a way only black can be, it’s also convenient.

Wrap Bracelets

baginc-melrose-glam-red-hot-5-wrap-bracelet-on-burgundy-leather-1If you follow any of the most popular style bloggers, you’ll already know that the most famous ones are not only known for their designer outfits, shoes and handbags but their fab accessories. That’s right – when you’re dedicated to fashion, you have to look the part on every inch of your body. A gorgeous mix of bracelets can amp up your look significantly. However, it can also take a lifetime to build a worthy collection. Speed up that process by throwing on a wrap bracelet. Baginc’s street style inspired wrap bracelet in red can be your starting block – the key accessory you can enhance by adding beautiful bracelets on top or bottom.

The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag Grey
This street style blogger has put together a really cool way to carry the Route 66 satchel. If you thought gray is a dull color, think again. This is proof you can carry a gray bag and look manage to look anything but reminiscent of winter. Her look is very trendy and has a summer vibe.

Denim and navy are two colors that go really well with gray. The retro look of the bag and the fringe-like straps make the addition of cowgirl-style ankle boots a great fit. She tops it off with an embellished jacket and a turquoise necklace. Good job, girl!

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