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Those who live in truly cold weather climes have to worry more about staying warm and toasty than they do about fashion. Looking good is a must, but it definitely comes second to getting frostbite. Those who live in more moderately cold areas or better yet, places like California where you just pretend it’s winter, accessorizing it  piece of cake. That’s why investing in a scarf like this Baginc skulls chiffon piece is such a great idea. It’ll keep your neck warm in cool winter days but it’s just as comfy if you want to keep rocking it into warmer weather.


 If you haven’t heard, interesting Halloween costumes are making a comeback. It’s not enough to go out as a “sexy something”. Now, your costume is not trendy if its not interesting and well-thought out. One thing you can be very creative is the theme of death. From skulls to skeletons to Day of the Dead costumes, this is one look that is both sultry and spooky. You need the Katharine Skull Knuckle Box Clutch Gold to top it off in a most glamorous fashion!

Katharine Skull Knuckle Box Clutch Gold