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Shirley Top Handle Bag In Perforated Leather Bronze
Need a metallic bag to fill your bling quota? Go for the Shirley Top Handle in Bronze. Bronze is an even more versatile color than gold and silver. Gold is flashier and more eye-catching and sometimes is “too much” for casual days. Silver looks fabulous with certain colors but can clash with prints. It’s bronze that can add life to any look. If you’re tan, it’s just the cherry on top.

The perforated leather lends an air of artistry to this bag and sets it apart from the run of the mill strap bags. This one is not the type for those who play it safe. It’s for those who love to make a statement.

The Shirley Top Handle bag is more than just a staple black carry-all bag. It’s also much more than your average flap bag or shoulder bag in terms of style. The perforated leather isn’t just a stylized carving design – it’s a work of art.

The look the bag is going for is open to interpretation. Those who have a love for all things vintage will see a hint of 1930’s Hollywood Noir while others may see throwback to the designs of ancient civilizations. What isn’t up for debate is the fact that this one’s a beauty.