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Route 66 Red

It’s a tried and tested style choice that always works. Whenever you’re wearing an outfit which is dark and sombre-hued, grab one statement accessory to perk it up. Don’t get us wrong – a black and gray outfit is anything but dull. The leather tights and fur vest are vampy and exciting. But to go the extra mile, add a red bag like the Route 66 Satchel. The exterior design of the bag is sleek and chic – understated. The color, however, is what really draws the eyes towards the holder. It’s attention grabbing but subtly so, balanced in a way most fashionistas aim for.

Route 66 Black Rout 66A famous designer recently said that women who think to much about fashion and not enough about personal style fail to dress themselves well. If you think about it, it’s so true. It’s a common fashion mistake to go too overboard with fashion and deck yourself head to toe in current trends. The designer also said that she finds it easier to stay stylish by using a lot of black pieces and making sure individual items of her outfit complement each other.

This Route 66 Satchel in black  one of those key pieces that can be used to style any kind of outfit – whether it’s black, monochrome, gray or multicolored. It will look just as great whether you’re trying to create a hot streetstyle look, a casual and understated ensemble or if you just need a luxury satchel for a party night out with your girlfriends.