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Even though accessorizing can be a total chore sometimes, it still goes a long way in converting a look from simple to edgy. Even a simple t-shirt can go from childish to rocker if you grab the right bracelet. You simply can’t neglect the arm, neck or ear jewelry can draws the eye towards your best assets as well as to your good taste.

That’s why having a few basic statement pieces can be so useful. Instead of having jewelry in every color to match each outfit individually, pick out one in a basic color that will go with everything. Black leather with gold accents will literally look good with anything. Grab a Melrose Glam Sixties Wrap like the one sported by pop star Rihanna or frequent festival-goer Vanessa Hudgens.

Rihanna Sunglasses

Glamorous Swirl Arms Oversize Sunglasses Leopard
Rihanna’s recently been embroiled in a Twitter battle with Amanda Bynes, who threw some pretty nasty insults at the pop star. Instead of fighting back and getting just as dirty, Rihanna made shot back a quip directed at nobody in particular, “Ya see what happens when they cancel intervention?” Girl knows how to throw shade so it’s no surprise her literal shades are pretty smokin’.

She has the glam swirl oversize sunglasses in solid black and leopard. While black goes with everything, leopard looks really good when you’re lounging around on a yacht. The look is casual yet super chic if you want to try a new style that’s definitely unique.



For a while now, aviator and wayfarers have dominated sunglasses style. There was a time when you could tell right away that someone was wearing designer shades but now those two styles have become so commonly available that they just don’t stand out anymore. That’s when you know a trend is dead in the water.

Nowadays, we’re seeing several different new styles of shades. These oversized, round-lens sunglasses are one style that is incredibly popular, especially with celebs. They’re different from your average 60’s retro round shades because of the swirl pattern on the side. Judging from how many celebs have worn this look in different ways, it looks good on every face shape.



Rihanna’s not exactly a poster child for Vogue, but sometimes she carries a hot handbag or two and manages to turn heads for her wacky, individual style. The one she’s holding onto wherever she goes lately is the Celine Mini Boston Bag.

Also called the mini Celine Luggage bag, the shape comes in various sizes and has become well-recognized in the last few years as many celebs and fashionistas have been seen carrying it in the crook of their arms. Although it was the larger Celine Luggage bag that became popular initially, the Celine mini is also making a splash recently.


Rihanna has been on the public’s radar since 2005, when she released her debut album, Music of the Sun. Since that time, she has risen in popularity and fame, but nowhere is she more appreciated than by the community of fashionistas across the world who worship her awesome style. Rihanna is a unique artist: she mostly dresses herself. While she relies on a cadre of stylists and aestheticians for awards shows, she prefers to do her own thing the rest of the time.

We love her unique style that is one part hipster, one part sexy siren, and one part radiant individual. It’s hard to pinpoint her taste exactly. Her look changes as often as her haircut. She tends to favor tightly tailored trousers, menswear jackets, slouchy sweaters, dangerous looking jewelry, body conscious dresses, layers, a mix of bright colors and neutrals, and wrap dresses. She is a daring dresser and is always in the latest trends and styles from the runway. This girl knows how to dress.

We put together a style set to give you inspiration for how to dress like Rihanna. We accessorized the set with Baginc bags that are similar to her tastes.

Our Bags:
* Jungle Flower Tote
* After Hours Shoulder Bag
* Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag