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Peacock Brooch Blue

A lot of girls feel very excited when spring rolls around so they can wear skirts, shorts and bikinis. But your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be so dull that you can’t wait to strip it off. You can jazz up the most matronly of cardigans if you have the right accessories. The trick is adding just the right about of bling – not so much that you look like a disco ball and not so little that you look like an uninspired Stepford wife.

That’s why we love this original Baginc peacock brooch. Did you think brooches are passe? This comeback trend is just what you need this fall. Jewelry is no longer confined to the neck or wrist. Now it can be used to beautify simple and elegant cardigans to make them look a little more glamorous.

Christina Union Jack Box Clutch
You don’t need a UK passport to enjoy the glory of the Union Jack print. This lively design is not only great for declaring yourself an Anglophile but is colorful as well. Whether you’re wearing black, red, white or blue, you can add a Union Jack somewhere in your look. In this case, it’s Baginc’s Christina Box Clutch, which is a fave look among celebs on both sides of the Atlantic. The quirky bag doubles as glam, depending on what you wear it with.