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Renee Leather Shoulder Bag Off White

One way to look fabulously wealthy is to wear  ton of white. Most people who shop with a budget in mind tend to invest in colors they can wear all the time or mix and match. Dark hues tend to win most of the time in this case. Luxurious white accessories are harder to invest in because of how short their self life can be. That may be true of blouses or dresses, but when it comes to white leather, it will last for years and years.

For creating a luxe all-white look, invest in high quality leather pieces like Baginc’s Renee Leather Shoulder Bag in Off White and an elegant pair of white pumps. You can then add moderately priced pieces like a white jacket to the mix and it doesn’t have to last for more than a couple of seasons. Voila, instant glam ice queen look on a budget.

Renee Leather Shoulder BagAs much fun as fall and winter weather can be, we’re itching for Spring to start again. The best parts of chilly weather are over. The leaves have changed colors, the snow has fallen. All the best holidays have come and gone. Now it’s back to school, back to work and gloomy winter weather.

Here’s just a little something to perk up your day and get you thinking about brighter, sunnier days ahead. These lemon yellow and candy pink Renee Leather Shoulder bags are going to look ah-mahzing with your spring and summer looks. Just picture it now and order away!