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Rihanna Sunglasses

Glamorous Swirl Arms Oversize Sunglasses Leopard
Rihanna’s recently been embroiled in a Twitter battle with Amanda Bynes, who threw some pretty nasty insults at the pop star. Instead of fighting back and getting just as dirty, Rihanna made shot back a quip directed at nobody in particular, “Ya see what happens when they cancel intervention?” Girl knows how to throw shade so it’s no surprise her literal shades are pretty smokin’.

She has the glam swirl oversize sunglasses in solid black and leopard. While black goes with everything, leopard looks really good when you’re lounging around on a yacht. The look is casual yet super chic if you want to try a new style that’s definitely unique.

Exotic Weekender Snakeskin Bag

Ever wondered what to wear when you’re headed out for a weekend of adventure? Be the girl with this wild snakeskin bag. Called the Exotic Weekender, it truly lives up to its name. The moment you stop being spontaneous and start slipping into boring and cautious, it’ll remind you to live it up and make memories. Really, it will. You can’t act dull with this bag on your arm. It’s like a talisman to ward off boredom.

It’s a satchel shaped bag with two buckles to create symmetry. The top handle makes it convenient to grab by the arm and lug around, no matter where you’re headed or how far you’re walking.


Center Of Attention Studded Tote Black

This  is titled the Center of Attention Bag for good reason. The black leather texture would be glamorous enough on its own but the added eccentricity of the bad really makes it stand out. This is the kind of bag women who want to carry something unique and quirky would be seen with.

If you’re into bling, this sexy leather bag is studded with rhinestone crystals in the shape of a heart all across the front. The side portion has fun and flirty tassles that sashay as you walk. A bag this edgy couldn’t get any cuter.


Do you love a luxurious leather bag? Our Le Jamais Plein sac is made of amazing quality brown faux leather. The bag has a center divider and it is lined with fabric. The hardware is gold, which goes great with the brown leather. There are a lot of compartments inside the bag to help you stay organized. The best thing about the Le Jamais Plein Sac is that it’s only $49! Pair your bag with a plain tee, skinny jeans, heels, and slicked back hairdo.

Katy Cowhide Top Handle BagThe simplicity of the Katy Cowhide Top Handle Bag is enough for us to go gaga. This bag is made of the best cowhide leather available. This makes the shape stay fixed and perfect. The hardware is brass toned, which goes with the neutral colors of the bag. It comes in camel, black, blue, and wine. What we love about this bag is that it is perfect for every day activities and for special occasions like dates and parties. Order yours now for only $119!

Caroline Double Flap Leather-- Silver
Its hard not to fall in love with this bag! Not only is it extremely stylish and comes in five colors, but its made of genuine leather! The bag has two inner pockets and one on the back. The hardware has a deep black tone. It will go great with a short dark dress, especially if you’re going to a party. The other colors are perfect for daytime events. And the best part is its only $119!

 Hundred Heart Large Pochette Quilted Yellow

Want everybody’s eyes to pop when they see you? Wear our Hundred Heart Large Pochette Quilted yellow purse. Trust us, everybody will turn to look at that wonderful splash of color on your arm. This yellow purse puts a spin on Valentine’s Day by making the flowers yellow instead of the traditional pink or red. This quilted heart bag comes in six colors, bright and neutral. It is made of synthetic leather with silver accents. Pair this with a flirty dress, a few accessories, and you’ll look absolutely fabulous!

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