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When it’s summer, the last thing you want weighing you down is a million accessories. That’s why fall and winter are so much fun for the fashion-obsessed- the possibilities are endless for creating creative looks. But during the summer, one eye-catching bag is your best shot at taking a simple tank and a cute pair of shorts and turning it into a part of a glamorous outfit.

The Most Coveted satchel is perfect for the job. The long, adjustable strap makes it easy to sport whether you’re just headed out for a short trip to the mall or for summer college courses. The sophisticated look can enhance even the most basic summer wardrobe pieces.

Moulin Rouge Quilted Tote Choco
Sometimes, you just need a bag which can be easily clutched by grabbing the sturdy chains. Simply by grabbing the chains, you’re ready to go. You can tote it around all day long without worrying about the burden on your shoulder. If you don’t have too many things to carry, it can be carried on the shoulder comfortably as well. At the end of the day, the Moulin Rouge Quilted bag is one of those casual-yet-super-stylish handbags.

It’s hard to be fully comfortable when you have to carry one of those extremely stiff and structured designer handbags. They look fantabulous but they’re not exactly easy to tote around if you’re going to be on the move all day. This one is not only easy to lug around, its gorgeous color is so very stylish to boot. Gold chains are a chic touch. The quilted material is so soft you can even use it as a pillow on your daily commute if you go by way of the tube or subway.


Highway 61 Revisited Patent Leather Bag Orange

Are you the type of girl that would rather drop dead than show up at a party in the same outfit, bag or shoes as some other girl? Not only does that indicate that you lack individual style, it also puts you at par with a random person who lacks it most of the time. And there’s nothing more frustrating when you invest time and money into shopping just to have that happen.

With the Highway 61 bag, that possibility becomes remote. This leather bag comes in patent orange, the color and texture which isn’t for people afraid to take risks and turn heads. Not only is it outrageously stylish, it’s unique, quirky and perfect for making a splash with a dash of color this spring.



Exotic Weekender Snakeskin Bag

Ever wondered what to wear when you’re headed out for a weekend of adventure? Be the girl with this wild snakeskin bag. Called the Exotic Weekender, it truly lives up to its name. The moment you stop being spontaneous and start slipping into boring and cautious, it’ll remind you to live it up and make memories. Really, it will. You can’t act dull with this bag on your arm. It’s like a talisman to ward off boredom.

It’s a satchel shaped bag with two buckles to create symmetry. The top handle makes it convenient to grab by the arm and lug around, no matter where you’re headed or how far you’re walking.


Do you love a luxurious leather bag? Our Le Jamais Plein sac is made of amazing quality brown faux leather. The bag has a center divider and it is lined with fabric. The hardware is gold, which goes great with the brown leather. There are a lot of compartments inside the bag to help you stay organized. The best thing about the Le Jamais Plein Sac is that it’s only $49! Pair your bag with a plain tee, skinny jeans, heels, and slicked back hairdo.

Abbey Green Leather Bag

Looking around for a great quality leather bag that you can wear every day wherever you go? Well we have the perfect solution! Our Abbey Leather bag is a large tote with top handles and a long shoulder strap. The size and optional shoulder strap make it very versatile, perfect for whatever your mood is. The bag also has four feet on the bottom, so feel free to fill it up– it won’t wilt in shape at all. The interior of the bag is lined with matching fabric and has multifunctional pockets. The Abbey Leather Bag comes in green, coffee, and black. This way, your bag will not only be functional, but it will also be very stylish and edgy.


Do you still have a loved one left to shop for this holiday season? We make it easier than ever before to make the stylish ladies in your life giddy with joy. Any girl who has a fashion sense will be thrilled to receive an Alexa bag. This is the easiest shopping decision to make even if you don’t have a clue about bags!

Simply asses the leading lady’s wardrobe. Does she wear a lot of neutrals, pastels, earthy tones or black shades? Give her one of these stunning Alexa bags and watch her smile unfold. These business on top, party on the bottom studded bags never disappoint!

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