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Gwyneth Leather Flag Bag OrangeWhen the name Gwyneth is mentioned, two things come to mind. Simple yet outrageously expensive style looks. This trendy orange bag is the Gwyneth Leather Flap Bag and it’s here to say that utterly chic style doesn’t have to cost you a semester’s worth of college loans! You can create the kind of look that belongs in the pages of Vanity Fair with accessories from Baginc and this bag is just one of them. Pastels and florals may be very in this season but the one way to keep them from getting dull is with a pop of color like this.

If you’re celebrating a milestone for yourself like a birthday, graduation or job promotion, reward yourself with the Essential Jane Bag in Orange. Nothing screams “success” and prosperity better than this classic arm accessory. This shape goes back decades and no one’s gotten sick of it yet. In fact, a good quality bag of this style can be so hard to find that in some places, people choose to get waitlisted for years just for a chance to snap it up. The orange version is an icon in its own right.

Even though we live in the age of the smartphone, you can still rock a watch on your wrist. It doesn’t have to be a fancy Rolex to deserve the honor of securing a place on your wrist – it just needs to be a perfect combo between a useful device and a stylish accessory. That’s exactly what the Audrey Wrap bracelet is. Made of genuine leather, the intricate straps are adorned with tiny gold studs that simply add to its many charms. Its warm colors and vintage look are what make it extra special.

Caroline Double Flap Leather Bag Orange

This Caroline Double Flap Leather bag comes in such a wide variety of beautiful colors but we’re featuring our peachy-orange version. The bright, light color is perfect for enhancing the liveliness of a truly feminine spring wardrobe. With Valentine’s Day coming up, who wouldn’t want such an eye-catching accessory to help aid Cupid’s arrow?

This bag is made of genuine quilted leather in a pattern unique to the designers at Baginc. The inside is lined with soft, creamy fabric and designed to complement the color of the bag. Check out the video above to see a pink version of the bag in detail!