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Lise Leather Tote Black

Give yourself the gift of a real calfskin leather tote this holiday season. The Lise Leather tote in black is a super versatile accessory that will complement many winter outfits. It’s classic look can also transition into other seasons effortlessly. That’s because you can never miss with black.

Kathy Leather Tote Black With Blue

The Kathy Leather Tote is versatile. You can carry it in the crook of your arm like Victoria Beckham (who loves glam royal blue handbags) or you can use the adjustable strap to carry it like a cross-shoulder bag. This rich blue bag has black accents for a sleek, structured design. Gold-toned hardware further adds to its glam factor. If you’re looking for a high-fashion business-appropriate bag, this one delivers on all fronts!

Rockstar Calfskin Medium Leather Bag Camel
Need a great basic tote to go with all your looks? Calfskin leather in a camel color is your best bet. This earthy tone goes well with literally every color – whites, blacks, pastels and bolds. Camel colored bags are a favorite for Hollywood actresses and celebs when they’re out shopping or running errands with kids.

Sometimes you just need a bag you can rely on – one you can grab on your way out the door, knowing all your stuff will fit in it and it won’t clash with your outfit. The best thing about this roomy tote is the studs that outline the shape of the bag. They keep it looking super fab instead of drab.

Rockstar Calfskin Medium Leather Bag Camel