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Carrie Large Wine
Every girl dreams of travelling the world, but some of us are lucky enough to do so this summer. That means a little bit of freaking out over what to pack, how to travel light, what to wear which is both comfortable for walking ad sightseeing but still chic enough to not draw side-eye from the well-dressed locals.

For comfort, forget your heels behind. Go for flats that won’t kill the arches of your feet even if you go to museums all day and dance all night. Take along dresses that are sexy but in a discreet way. You want the gorgeous local boys to look but you don’t want to get labeled as a clueless, flashy tourist. Even in Europe, cultures and norms can vary widely even within cities. It may be okay to be dressed to kill in a bar or club but if you’re in a church or chapel, bare sleeves may be a no-no. Take along a scarf for occasions like this just in case. And don’t forget a large, stylish bag with a long strap for comfort – like the Carrie Smooth Leather bag in Wine.

Carrie Smooth Large Blue
When the summer sun starts to sting, it is tempting to go all out for cool blue tones, whether it’s a crisp and fresh perfume or whether it’s your outfit and accessories. This beautifully designed print dress was made to be worn with the equally classy Carrie Smooth Leather bag in blue. Whether you choose to splash out for more blue hues is your choice, but when it’s just the bag and shoes that are one solid color, you don’t have to worry you’re going too far. The dangly crystal earrings are a soft addition to this already chic look.