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Kathy Leather Tote
Did you think a camel colored bag lacks drama? If you dress it up right like Kim here, it can look like a million bucks. Start with a bag with well-defined edges and little to no embellishments, like Baginc’s Kathy Leather Tote. A bag that doesn’t scream for attention can end up looking impressive with a certain quiet dignity.

A statement coat adds a touch of luxury. Keep clothing basic with either dark, solid colors or soft neutrals because with this  look, the accessories are doing all the talking. Finish the look with a daring pair of animal print heels. Whether you’re in Paris, New York or Milan, this look won’t fail!

Kim Kardashian Jewelry

When you’re famous, there’s constant pressure to look trendy and inspire new trends among your fanbase. Although Kim Kardashian can afford to wear diamonds every day of the year, doing so would alienate her among her hordes of fashion followers. It also helps her to stay relevant to try beauty looks others can also achieve, like this celeb stye ID chain necklace. It’s gold, one of the staple metals for jewelry but it has a non-traditional look for most necklaces. Even though the rest of her outfit is very grown up, the necklace keeps it fresh and youthful.

Celebrity Style ID Chain Chocker Necklace Rose Gold


Gold Necklace

Kendall Jenner’s fame is quickly surpassing that of Kim Kardashian’s. While Kim’s been pregnant, her image has gone from curvaceous bombshell to soon-to-be reality TV mom. Kendall is not only a model, her public appearances with other pop culture icons is making her a celebrity in her own right.

The New York Times even ran a piece on her although the ditzy teen hardly had a thing to say. In an entirely baffling manner, she just repeats what her publicist tells her to say, verbatim. Her extremely dull personality can be forgiven by her sense of style. True to California girl form, her gold tan is often accompanied by golden necklaces and jewelry pieces. Her latest addition to the gold jewelry craze has been a body chain draped over the stomach. However, our fave is the necklaces she wore which are similar to this one by Baginc.

In September, when Kim Kardashian went on a Hermes Birkin shopping spree, dropping over $100,000 on 7 Birkin bags, the public was outraged by her excess. It’s especially curious behavior given the recession, and the fact that Kim Kardashian attempts, with her marketing and branding onslaught, to appeal to middle America. For fun, we decided to comb the gossip rags and paparazzi sites for glimpses of all seven bags. This is what we found:

Shades of Birkin:

You could follow in Kim’s decadent footsteps, or you can snag our designer-inspired Monaco Top Handle Bag for $69:

Monaco Top Handle Tote