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Kim Kardashian Jewelry

When you’re famous, there’s constant pressure to look trendy and inspire new trends among your fanbase. Although Kim Kardashian can afford to wear diamonds every day of the year, doing so would alienate her among her hordes of fashion followers. It also helps her to stay relevant to try beauty looks others can also achieve, like this celeb stye ID chain necklace. It’s gold, one of the staple metals for jewelry but it has a non-traditional look for most necklaces. Even though the rest of her outfit is very grown up, the necklace keeps it fresh and youthful.

Celebrity Style ID Chain Chocker Necklace Rose Gold

If we didn’t know it was an airport, we’d begin thinking LAX is just another Hollywood club where celebs go to see and be seen. Some shy away from cameras and wear grungy clothes to deflect attention away from themselves and others show up carrying the latest must-have designer pieces because they love to look good and they love to flaunt it.

Since the Kardashians have always been the type to flaunt it, Kourtney was recently seen making her way through customs with this behemoth of a bag on her arm. While her outfit is a dubious choice (tights under an oversized parka?), the bag is what saves the look and still lends her some chicness.

Khloe was also accompanying her on this day and also happened to have a leopard print bag, which just looked sad and faded in comparison. When people shell out money for Celine, it’s because its worth it!