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Ingrid Quilted Small Canvas Bag Red
So what does a girl do when she’s had her fill of summer concerts, neons and florals? She takes inspiration from the 90s and throws on a simple little black dress. Even without Kate Moss’s legs, you can rock a slimming number like this one. Add a bit of hard rock edge with a studded bracelet and glam it up with a tartan Ingrid Quilted Small Canvas bag. If you’re going to summer festivals and concerts, this kind of cross-body bag is the best bet for looking chic without getting pick-pocketed or having your purse snatched. Accessorize with a pop of red lipstick and lapis lazuli gemstones!

Peacock Brooch Blue

A lot of girls feel very excited when spring rolls around so they can wear skirts, shorts and bikinis. But your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be so dull that you can’t wait to strip it off. You can jazz up the most matronly of cardigans if you have the right accessories. The trick is adding just the right about of bling – not so much that you look like a disco ball and not so little that you look like an uninspired Stepford wife.

That’s why we love this original Baginc peacock brooch. Did you think brooches are passe? This comeback trend is just what you need this fall. Jewelry is no longer confined to the neck or wrist. Now it can be used to beautify simple and elegant cardigans to make them look a little more glamorous.

Love Triangle Faux Stone Bib Necklace Yellow
We are practically salivating over Baginc’s latest arrivals. There are so many new necklaces in stock that it’s impossible to decide which ones to drool over first. Let’s start with the Love Triangle set. Oversized gold chain jewelry has been spotted on celebs for a while now but this necklack takes that trend to the next level.

The center piece is the beautiful stone red, yellow or blue stone set in the middle of a rhinestone V-formation. Whether you’re a fiery, cool or mellow person, one of these will look fabulous resting in between your clavicles.

Kim Kardashian Jewelry

When you’re famous, there’s constant pressure to look trendy and inspire new trends among your fanbase. Although Kim Kardashian can afford to wear diamonds every day of the year, doing so would alienate her among her hordes of fashion followers. It also helps her to stay relevant to try beauty looks others can also achieve, like this celeb stye ID chain necklace. It’s gold, one of the staple metals for jewelry but it has a non-traditional look for most necklaces. Even though the rest of her outfit is very grown up, the necklace keeps it fresh and youthful.

Celebrity Style ID Chain Chocker Necklace Rose Gold


grace-inspired-rhinestone-earrings-in-gold-yellow_2When you’re a true blue devotee of fashion and all things beautiful, it’s not enough to adorn yourself in accessories but limit yourself to shoes and handbags. Scarves, nail colors, bracelets, necklaces and rings go a long way to making you look well put-together. When you’re coordinated and dressed to kill from head to toe is when people know you mean serious business. A pair of striking earrings can make you look like a woman who was truly born to look glamorous. Next time you have a fancy dinner, a date night or an event that calls for formal dress, don’t go it alone. Wear a pair of these Grace-inspired rhinestone earrings and look like an unforgettable beauty.

Wrap Bracelets

baginc-melrose-glam-red-hot-5-wrap-bracelet-on-burgundy-leather-1If you follow any of the most popular style bloggers, you’ll already know that the most famous ones are not only known for their designer outfits, shoes and handbags but their fab accessories. That’s right – when you’re dedicated to fashion, you have to look the part on every inch of your body. A gorgeous mix of bracelets can amp up your look significantly. However, it can also take a lifetime to build a worthy collection. Speed up that process by throwing on a wrap bracelet. Baginc’s street style inspired wrap bracelet in red can be your starting block – the key accessory you can enhance by adding beautiful bracelets on top or bottom.