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baginc-pirate-of-nyc-bronze-and-silver-hobo-8This Pirate of NYC bronze and silver hobo bag is not just named as such because it is loaded with the look of precious metals on its exterior – the criss cross pattern is a symbol of pirate sails of long ago. But forget the sails on the ships that graced the screen on Pirates of the Caribbean – the real sale to be interested in is the sale on this stunning Pirate bag!

Adorned with crystals and sequins, it couldn’t get any blingy-ier. And we guarantee you’re unlikely to find a bag as exciting as this one anywhere else.

When it comes to classic pieces to add to your handbag collection, Baginc’s got you covered. If you’re looking to add some trendy, glam accessories to your outfits, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to stay within budget. This luxury designer-inspired handbag is made of genuine leather. Because of it’s superior manufacturing, it’s simplicity makes it look even more elegant. Grab yourself one of these and pair it with a retro monochrome tankini. After all, a trip to the beach or the poolside is incomplete without something glam on your arm.

Corrine Woven Leather Hobo GreyThe Corrine Woven Leather Hobo bag is great for those looking to stock up on a fabulous metallic accessory. Sometimes, shiny doesn’t have to be matched with bling like rhinestones, jewels, studs or other ornaments.

The interwoven leather texture is what stands out most about the Woven Corrine. Matched with a silvery gray, it almost looks like an alien snakeskin. An added tassel gives this leather hobo a touch of sass.