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Eleonora Cowhide Leather Keepall Bag Red

The Eleanora Cowhide Keepall Bag truly lives up to this name. That’s why we see so many celebs and supermodels carrying this style of handbag to fashion shoots and interviews. You can throw in a day’s supply of beauty products and tech equipment and it really will “keep all” of it! The red color and stylish shape is just an added bonus. We absolutely love the stylish look of this bag and how hard working it is. Get yours today!







Exotic Weekender Snakeskin Bag

Ever wondered what to wear when you’re headed out for a weekend of adventure? Be the girl with this wild snakeskin bag. Called the Exotic Weekender, it truly lives up to its name. The moment you stop being spontaneous and start slipping into boring and cautious, it’ll remind you to live it up and make memories. Really, it will. You can’t act dull with this bag on your arm. It’s like a talisman to ward off boredom.

It’s a satchel shaped bag with two buckles to create symmetry. The top handle makes it convenient to grab by the arm and lug around, no matter where you’re headed or how far you’re walking.


Lady Grace Leather Bag OrangeOur Lady Grace Leather bag comes in blue, black, beige, and orange. It is made of genuine leather, quilted to form a squarish bag with a fixed shape. This bag also has four feet on the bottom so you can fill it up with heavy essentials and it will not lose its shape. The extra shoulder strap makes it very versatile so you can wear it on your shoulder or on your arm. The best thing about the Lady Grace Leather Bag? It’s only $129! Hurry up and get yours now!

So Soho Reissue Croc Leather Satchel: Black

Great news! Our So Soho Reissue Croc Leather Satchel is on sale! Instead of costing you $109, it will only cost you $89! It’s no doubt this bag is extremely stylish and fit for every fashionista. But what we really love about this bag is it’s built. Purely made out of the best, high quality leather, this versatile bag can be used as a handbag, or a with a shoulder strap. It comes in four colors: black, khaki, brown, and cream. The colors and size make it perfect for an every day bag. The crocodile print will make any outfit look trendier. This bag is essential for a complete stylish wardrobe!


In case you haven’t heard, vintage-inspired backpacks are in again! This trend was en pointe in it’s peak or shall we say, hey day in the 90’s. Remember the most popular girl in 1999’s 10 Things I Hate About You discussing her most prized posession? It was her red designer backpack.

With a famous Kardashian rocking a backpack to the gym recently, it’s clear that the look is back. While hers was a vintage piece, you can buy one brand new that looks even better and is fresh. This Scarlet J Top Handles Backpack is trendy, stylish, durable and so convenient! For those of you who are tired of the same handbag on the arm look, try this one instead. You’ll definitely turn a few heads. And the price can’t be beat either.

Tan Bag

Olivia Palermo

The Essential Grace bag is one of, if not the most graceful and elegant bags in history. Whenever a leading lady is spotted with this bag, the world knows she’s someone famous, wealthy or just ridiculously stylish. While variations of this bag can go uphill of a small fortune in cost, we have been able to create a cost-efficient celebrity inspired bag.

The bottom has four metal feet to protect the luxury leather. The leather has been treated to maintain a certain softness not possible with run of the mill, off the rack bags. This unique accessory is worth the investment because it’s never going out of style!



pink bag no logo

If you can’t get enough of pink clothing and accessories, check out the bag above. Known as the most coveted bag in our collection, the pristine leather is modern and luxurious. Soft and smooth. The bag can be used as a college shoulder bag to hold a tablet or iPad as well as several medium sized notebooks.

When paired with black jeans or a white outfit, this bag will stand out even more and make you look fabulously chic!

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