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Carla Large Tote In Leather Light Blue
What says summer more than pineapples? To add fun on top of fun, wear a printed dress and carry a summery blue bag to go with it. This is the best outfit to put together if you want something light and upbeat. It’s like a pop song or a summer hit in the form of clothing. What’s even more cutesy is if you can find jewelry to complement or contrast the rest of your outfit. This is only possible if you wear a printed dress. Most commonly, fruit or bug themed jewelry is easy to find with objects like pineapples, cherries or butterflies. Even if you’re no longer a teenager, this cute kind of look can still look sophisticated if you do your hair and makeup like a fancy shmancy lady!

Vicki Croc Effect Leather Tote Black
Looking for a bag that will give your outfit the mod effect? Check out how simple this white dress is. In fact, its modern cuts and no-frill silhouette is what makes it so chic. To keep it that way, these two accessories do such a great job. The glasses add a retro vibe. The Vicki Croc Effect Leather Tote takes the simplicity of the dress and adds an aura of glamour.


So much is trendy about the look above. The 90’s dress, for one. If you haven’t seen Iggy Azalea’s 90’s throwback video for “Fancy”, put it on and click repeat. The infectiously catchy pop song is a recreation of all our favorite scenes and looks from the fab movie Clueless. The dress above may have been a little less Cher and a little more Tai, but we love it. It’s looks, cute, quirky and super comfortable – way more than tight-fitted and prone-to-overheating skinny jeans. The pop culture and comic book inspired accessories are a way style the look so it looks up to date. The white Haylee Mini Leather bag is just the best way to keep it it chic without letting it get too goth, Daria-style.

Vanessa Medium Tote In Suede Leather WineHere’s a look so trendy and simultaneously sexy that it would make any Kardashian wild with envy. Crop tops are all the rage these days. It may be a little painful to crunch your way to abs good enough to show off, but that’s the price we pay for fashion. Even if belly-baring isn’t your thing, you can still rock these chic houndstooth skinnies. Know what looks great with a black and white look? A burgundy or wine red bag that draws all eyes to itself like it knows its a star. That would be the Vanessa Medium Tote in Suede Leather Wine. Add a pair of monochrome shoes to the mix and you’re good to go.

Frances Leather Tote Black

A  well crafted leather tote is something you can carry anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter if you’re just going to the grocery store or if you’re headed to an upscale eatery with your “ladies who lunch” friends. The Frances Leather Tote in black is the perfect such high luxury bag. Its strong structure allows it to be used for years without becoming shapeless or worn out. Lack of embellishments give it a timeless look so you never have to worry about it going out of style!

Adele Flap Bag Cowhide Leather Caviar Beige

The best thing about the Caviar Beige Adel Leather Flap Bag is how versatile it is. With this one bag, you can style a million outfits. It can complement any color palette from pastels, brights, dark hues and even browns and blacks. The ability of this bag to add a touch of class to any outfit is why it’s such a great investment. One single purchase can bring you style rewards again and again.

The luxurious look of this luxe Caviar Beige bag is the fine quality leather its crafted from. The quilted pattern is exquisitely woven to meticulous perfection. The metallic chain straps are one of our favorite things about this bag. They’re a type of jewel on their own!

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Highway 61 Revisited Patent Leather Bag Orange

Are you the type of girl that would rather drop dead than show up at a party in the same outfit, bag or shoes as some other girl? Not only does that indicate that you lack individual style, it also puts you at par with a random person who lacks it most of the time. And there’s nothing more frustrating when you invest time and money into shopping just to have that happen.

With the Highway 61 bag, that possibility becomes remote. This leather bag comes in patent orange, the color and texture which isn’t for people afraid to take risks and turn heads. Not only is it outrageously stylish, it’s unique, quirky and perfect for making a splash with a dash of color this spring.



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