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Hundred Heart Large Pochette Quilted Yellow

This canary yellow bag is a little bit different from most of the products we usually talk about here on the blog. It’s bright color sets it apart at first sight. It’s a far cry from the usual blacks, navy blues, browns and neutrals.

Don’t write it off as a spring/summer bag just yet. Even though it would look fantastic with a floral sundress in sunny weather, it can be just what you need to perk you up in the winter. Think about it — many people recede into the background in the colder months. This pop of color can keep you from being just another face in the crowd. The quilted, synthetic leather gives a cozy look while remaining eco-friendly. The hearts are just a youthful accent for upbeat people who love to celebrate all the good things in life. For those who love the pattern but would prefer to remain a little more incognito, it also comes in neutral colors and a rich navy blue. Order yours from today!

Guess who was recently spotted carrying Celine’s Nude Asymmetrical bag? It’s one of the reigning queens of pop, Fergie. The stateside Duchess is a long way from her Black Eyed Peas roots with this handbag. If you remember her earlier days, “back when she drove a mustang,” the girl didn’t care too much for style. As she grew to be more popular, she embraced the chic look over her edgy yet outdated hip hop style.

Celine is one of the most coveted handbag labels at the moment, so Fergie either has a solid grasp of the fashion world or a well-informed stylist showing her the ropes. The nude color can complement a wide range of fall colors and looks.

With this sleek black dress, stunning black pumps and beige bag, she looks like she’s matured. It’s only the snake print that’s a throwback to her wild side!

The color grey is in season right now, and it’s one of our favorite, most versatile neutrals. Everything goes with grey, and the subdued hue allows other shades in your outfit to really “pop”. Whether it’s tights, scarves, dresses, coats or bags, you can’t go wrong with grey this winter. Pair them with teals, greens, reds, and purples to bring some colorful cheer to your ensemble.

Here are a few accessories that will be key to capturing the grey hue trend right now:


Grey Bags


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