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Lady Gaga is always a new character every time she steps out. Sometimes she’s the epitome of class. Sometimes she’s just a hot mess. Sometimes we have no idea what she’s trying to be (a meat dress? really? still not over that.) Here, she looks like she could be Cruella de Ville’s more fabulous younger sister.

The bag she’s carrying is the perfect color for a monochromatic outfit – simply chic black. One way to make sure a tote looks fabulously expensive is to pick one with simple, sturdy handles and a square base.

A well-defined and symmetrical base prevents a bag from slouching at the bottom, something that makes it look cheaply made and worn out. It’s also important to hold it on your shoulder almost as though it’s delicate – dragging a bag around like you don’t care what happens to it can make an elite bag look tacky! So wear you handbag with pure confidence, whatever brand it is!