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 If you haven’t heard, interesting Halloween costumes are making a comeback. It’s not enough to go out as a “sexy something”. Now, your costume is not trendy if its not interesting and well-thought out. One thing you can be very creative is the theme of death. From skulls to skeletons to Day of the Dead costumes, this is one look that is both sultry and spooky. You need the Katharine Skull Knuckle Box Clutch Gold to top it off in a most glamorous fashion!

Katharine Skull Knuckle Box Clutch Gold

Christina Studs Union Jack Box Clutch Gold
After you’re done picking out the most sexiest AND thought-provoking Halloween costume out there, it’s time to pick a bag! You can’t be expected to go to all those monster balls without a skull and rhinestone encrusted beauty of a clutch, can you? After all, where would you put your cell phone and mini Snickers? The Christina Studs Union Jack Box is an absolute work of art. Here’s an idea – design a spooky, skeletal costume that’s centered around the bag!

Princeton Cross Body Leather Yellow
It’s that time of year again. Classes have started and while you’re looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes, orange leaves and Halloween costumes, you’re still a twinge of nostalgic for summer. The perfect cure for this situation is to grab up a Princeton Cross Body Leather Yellow Bag.

The style of the bag is perfect for high school, college or casual strolls in the park or jaunts to the mall. The preppy style is for those who like to dress a little on the sophisticated side. The lemony color will brighten your day and never let you forget that summer rays of sunshine will be back soon enough.