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If you’re one of those gals who find themselves belting out the line “winter just wasn’t my season” to Anna Nalick’s song “Just Breathe,” it may be because you love brights and colors way too much. That means you absolutely have to have a hot bag to carry you through these breezy days. Lucky for you, this patent leather satchel in green will look snappy through fall as well. Every preppy school girl needs a satchel as stylish as this Princeton one.

abbey-leather-bag-greenThis rich, emerald green bag made of leather is quite unique. First, there’s the eye-catching, statement color. Next, there’s the quirky design that’s not quite backpack, bowling bag or tote. It’s something in between. Not only does it stand out in terms of style, it also provides with extra utility, allowing you to use it for various purposes and not just as a college or work bag.

It comes with two styles of straps – long and short so it can be carried in one hand or draped across the shoulder for added convenience.

Julia Large Leather Bag GreenAre you one of those busy girls that has to do a hundred things at once, be at ten places at once, and have all her important things with her? Well, the Julia Leather bag is absolutely perfect for you. The size makes it great for hauling around books, makeup, and clothes. The bag itself is made out of luxurious leather and has six studs on the bottom to help maintain its shape. The Julia Leather Bag has top handles and a shoulder strap for convenience, especially when the bag has a big load!