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Muse Curb Chain Necklace Gold
The new line of necklaces at Baginc are making a big splash. As always, gold jewelry is our hottest seller. Previously, we had a chunky gold necklace inspired by similar styles worn by big stars like the Kardashians and Rihanna. Now, gold necklaces are a little less chunky and a little more delicate.

Like this Muse Curb Gold Chain Necklace. It looks like authentic, shimmering gold. The circular medallion in the middle is influenced by ancient Greek art.  Snap one up now to look like the goddess you are!

Shirley Top Handle Bag In Perforated Leather Bronze
Need a metallic bag to fill your bling quota? Go for the Shirley Top Handle in Bronze. Bronze is an even more versatile color than gold and silver. Gold is flashier and more eye-catching and sometimes is “too much” for casual days. Silver looks fabulous with certain colors but can clash with prints. It’s bronze that can add life to any look. If you’re tan, it’s just the cherry on top.

The perforated leather lends an air of artistry to this bag and sets it apart from the run of the mill strap bags. This one is not the type for those who play it safe. It’s for those who love to make a statement.

Kim Kardashian Jewelry

When you’re famous, there’s constant pressure to look trendy and inspire new trends among your fanbase. Although Kim Kardashian can afford to wear diamonds every day of the year, doing so would alienate her among her hordes of fashion followers. It also helps her to stay relevant to try beauty looks others can also achieve, like this celeb stye ID chain necklace. It’s gold, one of the staple metals for jewelry but it has a non-traditional look for most necklaces. Even though the rest of her outfit is very grown up, the necklace keeps it fresh and youthful.

Celebrity Style ID Chain Chocker Necklace Rose Gold

Christina Studs Union Jack Box Clutch Gold
This designer inspired bag is a sure way of getting noticed. Designed as an evening clutch, its job is to look elegant but the skull top and studded exterior keeps it from looking dowdy. It’s more rockstar than Queen Elizabeth. However, if you are an Anglophile, note that the studs are aligned in the shape of the Union Jack.

Some bags are just instantly attractive and that’s probably why the Christina Studs Union Jack Box Clutch in gold is so popular among young celebs. No matter what you have to wear, this bag will go great with it. It’s also available in silver and black.



grace-inspired-rhinestone-earrings-in-gold-yellow_2When you’re a true blue devotee of fashion and all things beautiful, it’s not enough to adorn yourself in accessories but limit yourself to shoes and handbags. Scarves, nail colors, bracelets, necklaces and rings go a long way to making you look well put-together. When you’re coordinated and dressed to kill from head to toe is when people know you mean serious business. A pair of striking earrings can make you look like a woman who was truly born to look glamorous. Next time you have a fancy dinner, a date night or an event that calls for formal dress, don’t go it alone. Wear a pair of these Grace-inspired rhinestone earrings and look like an unforgettable beauty.


This gold iPhone case has been making waves as well as headlines for its incredibly cool look. It’s not actually meant to be used as a weapon, but that’s where the inspiration for the design came from – knuckledusters, the heavy metal weapon that can literally be used to break bones in a fistfight.

The funny thing is, this case looks like a knuckleduster but its most convenient use is allowing you to grip your phone in a way that you don’t have to constantly wonder if you’re going to lose it. While you’re at it, this case becomes jewelry for four of your ring fingers. And if you do ever get mugged, you’ll be incredibly happy you had picked this case!



Gold Necklace

Kendall Jenner’s fame is quickly surpassing that of Kim Kardashian’s. While Kim’s been pregnant, her image has gone from curvaceous bombshell to soon-to-be reality TV mom. Kendall is not only a model, her public appearances with other pop culture icons is making her a celebrity in her own right.

The New York Times even ran a piece on her although the ditzy teen hardly had a thing to say. In an entirely baffling manner, she just repeats what her publicist tells her to say, verbatim. Her extremely dull personality can be forgiven by her sense of style. True to California girl form, her gold tan is often accompanied by golden necklaces and jewelry pieces. Her latest addition to the gold jewelry craze has been a body chain draped over the stomach. However, our fave is the necklaces she wore which are similar to this one by Baginc.