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Gwyneth Leather Flag Bag OrangeWhen the name Gwyneth is mentioned, two things come to mind. Simple yet outrageously expensive style looks. This trendy orange bag is the Gwyneth Leather Flap Bag and it’s here to say that utterly chic style doesn’t have to cost you a semester’s worth of college loans! You can create the kind of look that belongs in the pages of Vanity Fair with accessories from Baginc and this bag is just one of them. Pastels and florals may be very in this season but the one way to keep them from getting dull is with a pop of color like this.

Debra Bag BlueNavy blue and gold are an absolutely stunning combination. If you’re wearing a navy dress, consider getting one with gold embellishment. Not only is it elegant, it has an element of glamour as well. When you’ve added the gold accents to your outfit, go for gold accessories like a fabulous pair of strappy heels. It’s the best way to accentuate your legs and make your skin look like tan and glowing.

Complete the look with a blue smokey eye look. Apply gold eyeshadow to your eyelid and use an angled brush to create an outline with blue shadow to the curve of your lid. Blend it in until you perfect the look and top it off with a swipe of black eyeliner and a coat of mascara. Throw the Debra Bag in Blue over your arm and you’re good to go!

Never Full Leather Tote Brown
Everyone needs a luxurious looking bag in brown leather because it’s incredibly multipurpose. It’s neutral enough to go with any outfit while still being bold and making a statement. Even if you’re not a fabulously wealthy European heiress, you can still look like a million bucks with this bag. You don’t even have to be an equestrian to pair it with gorgeous leather boots. After all, not everyone who wears cowboy boots goes riding every day. All that matters is loving the style and being able to enjoy it. Enjoy the Never Full Leather Tote.

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Yellow

Still looking for that one brightly colored bag that will add a touch of vibrance to your look? Look no further than the Whitney Smooth Leather bag in yellow. This fresh pop of color is an asset to any stylista’s wardrobe no matter what the season. It doesn’t hurt that one of this year’s biggest trends is neons and bright colors. You can thank the 90’s for helping them make a comeback.

The  Whitney bag is available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures and prints. If you don’t have one already, this one is a great one to start your collection with.

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Yellow

For women in their late teens, early to mid-twenties and beyond, the Vanessa tote is the perfect way to add maturity to your look. This elegantly designed bag has a quirky look because of the fun color-blocking effect, yet it manages to look chic as well because of its classic shape.

The square design and top handle keep it looking classic – which is why its perfect for a woman of any age. Even mature ladies will find that it adds a touch of trendiness to their outfit. The demure chocolate/pink/burgundy color combination certain helps as well.

If you’re one of those gals who find themselves belting out the line “winter just wasn’t my season” to Anna Nalick’s song “Just Breathe,” it may be because you love brights and colors way too much. That means you absolutely have to have a hot bag to carry you through these breezy days. Lucky for you, this patent leather satchel in green will look snappy through fall as well. Every preppy school girl needs a satchel as stylish as this Princeton one.


grace-inspired-rhinestone-earrings-in-gold-yellow_2When you’re a true blue devotee of fashion and all things beautiful, it’s not enough to adorn yourself in accessories but limit yourself to shoes and handbags. Scarves, nail colors, bracelets, necklaces and rings go a long way to making you look well put-together. When you’re coordinated and dressed to kill from head to toe is when people know you mean serious business. A pair of striking earrings can make you look like a woman who was truly born to look glamorous. Next time you have a fancy dinner, a date night or an event that calls for formal dress, don’t go it alone. Wear a pair of these Grace-inspired rhinestone earrings and look like an unforgettable beauty.

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