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Summer is gearing to an end. And what better way to end your summer than to end it in style. Make a statement by showing off your toned shoulders in this tube maxi dress in floral print. This dress is sweet and simple and includes a tiny belt. Best paired with some cute sandals and turquoise accessories. Stash your essentials in this purple colored tote bag. The perfect size to fit your daily necessities.

Aren’t you glad that sneakers became a style staple again? There are so many ways to wear your sneakers, especially this summer. You can wear denim cut-off shorts and choose a plaid top for an easy and comfortable style. Keep your accessories simple and minimal. Carry a bag that will keep your style elegant even in casual clothes, like this suede tote bag. It’s chic and luxurious, with an all black appearance. So go ahead, rest your feet with those sky high stilettos, and rock those comfy sneakers.

Aren’t you glad that backpack is back on trend? Backpacks nowadays are not just for school, it’s another way to keep up with the trend. For hands free fashion, backpacks is the best option. This leather backpack is just too cute to pass up. It has a great style without going overboard on the latest trend. Dress yourself in a printed sweatshirt and cut off denim shorts for a ultra cool look. Put in your tan booties and throw in some colored bracelets for a fun arm party!


So much is trendy about the look above. The 90’s dress, for one. If you haven’t seen Iggy Azalea’s 90’s throwback video for “Fancy”, put it on and click repeat. The infectiously catchy pop song is a recreation of all our favorite scenes and looks from the fab movie Clueless. The dress above may have been a little less Cher and a little more Tai, but we love it. It’s looks, cute, quirky and super comfortable – way more than tight-fitted and prone-to-overheating skinny jeans. The pop culture and comic book inspired accessories are a way style the look so it looks up to date. The white Haylee Mini Leather bag is just the best way to keep it it chic without letting it get too goth, Daria-style.

Goldie Medium Black
A big trend for this summer is retro bathing suits. Sure, the smaller you get the more heads you’ll turn, a la Kate Upton, but if you want to be more than hot and super chic a la the pages of Vogue instead, check out the gorgeous one pieces designers have been turning out for this pool season. Even tank dresses aren’t basic anymore – you find those which look like works of intricately beaded art. And when your outfit is this stunning, a straw beach bag just won’t do. You’ll be needing a stylish leather bag to hold your sunscreen and summer reading. Check out the Goldie Medium Leather bag in black – it’s the kind of bag that will last through many seasons of wear and tear as well as outlast all kinds of trends.

Adele Raindrop Leather Blue
The quest to find a unique party outfit is neverending. That doesn’t mean it will ever get tedious though, because shopping for killer looks is always fun. This is the kind of look that reminds us of the chicken or the egg question. Did the bronze leather pants and blue metallic outfit come first or was it inspired by the Adele Flap Bag in Raindrop Effect Blue? Either way, the final result is something unforgettable. It may take a little courage to don this entire outfit, but at least you know you can wear the bag on its own if all you want is a mild dash of pizazz. Go for the head to toe metallic cowgirl look if you’re the fearless adventuress type!

Cindy Leather Flag Bag Hot Pink
Sometimes, a girl just needs a little pink in her life. Kirsten Dunst made some waves this month when she commented that “sometimes a man needs to just be a man and woman just needs to be a woman.” She also remarked that feminine qualities in women have become undervalued. Regardless on your opinion on her personal beliefs or politics, there’s no denying that there’s beauty in simple, feminine accessories from time to time. Whether it’s dainty floral earrings, a beautiful makeup clutch or a statement ring, go for it! Don’t shy back from that hot pink Cindy Leather Flap Bag or from bold printed heels. Sometimes a girl just needs to relax and be a girly girl and there’s no shame in that.

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