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Bright Satchel
This is definitely the year of the brightly colored satchel. If you don’t have one yet, you’re really missing out. This must-have trend is available at Bag Inc in a variety of styles. This particular spin on the look is the Oxford Mini Satchel. Three of our fave colors are the bright pink, violet and aquamarine. The gold clasps add a touch of metallic flash to the look, making it completely on trend.

Rihanna Sunglasses

Glamorous Swirl Arms Oversize Sunglasses Leopard
Rihanna’s recently been embroiled in a Twitter battle with Amanda Bynes, who threw some pretty nasty insults at the pop star. Instead of fighting back and getting just as dirty, Rihanna made shot back a quip directed at nobody in particular, “Ya see what happens when they cancel intervention?” Girl knows how to throw shade so it’s no surprise her literal shades are pretty smokin’.

She has the glam swirl oversize sunglasses in solid black and leopard. While black goes with everything, leopard looks really good when you’re lounging around on a yacht. The look is casual yet super chic if you want to try a new style that’s definitely unique.

Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag Black
The Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather bag in black is one if, if not the highest-selling Baginc bag. There are just so many things that make this a bag that every woman wants. First of all, everyone needs a really stylish black bag. Everyone also wants that stylish bag to stand out in a sea of other black bags.

An army of studs on the bottom does just that. The studs not only give it a hard rock look, they also add a touch of gold. Black and gold is a classic fashion statement that livens up any look. Even if you dress head to toe in black, this bag will keep you from looking drab.

The Most Coveted Bag for Years Leather Grey
What kind of bag should you wear when you’re not a “hot pink kind of girl”? The answer to that question is a zillion different kinds of bags. Just because you’re not the girly girly type doesn’t mean you can’t have a handbag craze. There are all kinds of sturdy, fabulously fierce bags out there for a more Lara Croft than Barbie girl.

One look you can go for is the Most Coveted satchel.  This durable leather bag is also highly versatile and can be worn with just about any look. If you scroll down, you’ll see the hot pink version of this bag. Simply changing the color changes the entire look of the bag. The only reason that’s possible is because the shape and style is downright CLASSIC.

adele flap bag

There’s hardly ever a time when the Adele Flap Bag doesn’t perfectly fit an outfit choice. Even if you’re in ripped jeans and a white tank top, a black quilted Chanel can make you look more fab than drab.

Here are a few ways you can look no less than one of Hollywood’s A listers by accessorizing your look with this bag. Black, tan and red heels are work really well with this black flap bag.

Black and white outfits are a classic, elegantly understated look. A red dress really pops with this black bag. Even a long floral printed dress works well with black accents. Don’t forget to top off each look with dramatic red rouge lipstick!

The Most Coveted Bag for Years Leather Hot Pink


Tis the season for bright colors! Throughout spring and summer, you are free to live it up and go as bright as possible. Even if the wildly colorful look isn’t your thing for every day looks, you can’t deny it’s fun to rock now and then. Girls are naturally drawn to hot pink accessories. This Most Coveted bag in bright pink is great for matching with florals and other soft prints.


The Most Coveted Bag for Years Leather Hot Pink

Robyn Cross Body Leather Bag Burgundy

The Robyn Crossbody leather bag in burgundy is a exquisite specimen in fine accessory crafting. The sleek look is due to the high quality leather and designer-inspired cut. The simplicity of a single buckle and elegant strap adds to the simple charm of the bag.

Here, a fan demonstrates how to carry the bag stylishly. A monochrome look does the bag justice by allowing it’s own color to take center stage. You can also pair it with other colors like beige, olive green and pastels.