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We literally named this “The Most Coveted Bag for Years” because that’s what it really is. We’re aware that there are some very expensive bags and designs out there which women covet and make their life ambition to acquire. This isn’t one of those bags. It doesn’t tell the whole world that you’re of the wealthiest people on the planet. It’s not the height of status symbols yet it still is the most coveted bag on the market. The reason is because whether you’re a fan of simple, chic elegance or an avid follower of fashion, this bag will make itself at home in your closet. It goes with everything and looks good no matter where you wear it. Thus the great demand for this shoulder bag. Who wouldn’t want it?

Made of high quality leather like all of our bags, it comes with brass toned hardware which gives it a luxury look. Too-shiny hardware is an indictator of a mass-produced bag, which this is not. This shoulder bag is made with diligent care. The handle grips, adjustable straps, zippered pockets and interior lining are resistant to whatever amount of heavy use you throw at it. Add this bag to your wardrobe this season because without it, you’re truly missing out no matter what your usual style is.