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Annette Blue
If you’ve been wondering if there’s a way to rock festival style florals without getting cliched, here it is. There’s absolutely no need to throw a flower tiara over your head and call it a day because that’s what pretty much everyone will be doing. It’s okay to indulge in that trend as well – just as long as you’ve also got your own individual look going.

Go for a wild flower power print when it comes to pants. This may a new trend, but there’s still time to don your look before the whole world gets to it first. You can throw on a plain white tee on top or go for something just as unique, like the piece of art featured on top. For accessories, take a color from the outfit and allow your bag and sunglasses to contrast. The Annette Weave Effect leather bag in blue is just the right shade for this look.

Halle Leather Flap Bag Yellow
Are you looking for a way to do brights or neons without looking like a typical Coachella hipster? One way to do this is the classic yellow and black color combination. This is one of those color duos that always look amazing. Depending on the accessories, you can even change the style up and pick a retro vibe that suits your personal taste. This A-line skirt is a throwback to the 50s, as are the snazzy pointed toe heels. The bare midriff top can be seen as having a 90’s vibe but it’s also very on point for 2014 as well. You definitely need a bag like the Halle Leather Flap bag to add to the stylistic elements of the look without overpowering it.

Never Full Leather Tote Brown
Everyone needs a luxurious looking bag in brown leather because it’s incredibly multipurpose. It’s neutral enough to go with any outfit while still being bold and making a statement. Even if you’re not a fabulously wealthy European heiress, you can still look like a million bucks with this bag. You don’t even have to be an equestrian to pair it with gorgeous leather boots. After all, not everyone who wears cowboy boots goes riding every day. All that matters is loving the style and being able to enjoy it. Enjoy the Never Full Leather Tote.

Catherine Leather Flag Bag Champagne
Black, gold and bronze. No matter what’s going on in the fashion world or on the fashion runways of this or that Fashion Week, this combination will always look good. Even if you splurge on that dress or these shoes now, they’ll still be trendy years from now because they more than trendy, they’re inherently stylish. Style doesn’t fade. That’s why the Catherine Leather Flag bag in Champagne is worth investing in. Another great thing about metallic accessories is how easy they are to pair with just about any kind of outfit.

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Yellow

Still looking for that one brightly colored bag that will add a touch of vibrance to your look? Look no further than the Whitney Smooth Leather bag in yellow. This fresh pop of color is an asset to any stylista’s wardrobe no matter what the season. It doesn’t hurt that one of this year’s biggest trends is neons and bright colors. You can thank the 90’s for helping them make a comeback.

The  Whitney bag is available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures and prints. If you don’t have one already, this one is a great one to start your collection with.

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Yellow

RockStar Calfskin Leather Bag Red
Every girl needs at least one studded tote. Sometimes you need a big bag and it’s not easy to find one that looks chic and gets the job done. Too many shopper totes are shapeless and lacking in style but even when you go big, you can stay stylish. This leather bag doubles as a shopper tote because of its roomy interior. The red color and studded outline are unmistakably rockstar quality. Whether you need a tote to go to the beach, the library, the mall or an outdoor festival, take along the Rockstar tote. Don’t forget to order it in red for extra pizzaz.

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Pink

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Pink

The great thing about pastels is that they can be worn year round, in any season. Salmon and peach are included in a range of soft, pretty colors which are flattering on all women regardless of what your complexion may be. They bring out a softness and youthfulness of the skin.

The Whitney cowhide smooth leather bag in Pink is in that color range. This trendy bag style is much loved because of its modern shape but when it comes in this color, you know you’ve got to add it to your collection. Here are some ways this beautiful color looks great on the runway AND the red carpet!

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Pink

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