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If you’re celebrating a milestone for yourself like a birthday, graduation or job promotion, reward yourself with the Essential Jane Bag in Orange. Nothing screams “success” and prosperity better than this classic arm accessory. This shape goes back decades and no one’s gotten sick of it yet. In fact, a good quality bag of this style can be so hard to find that in some places, people choose to get waitlisted for years just for a chance to snap it up. The orange version is an icon in its own right.


The Essential Jane Bag Leather Pink

The Essential Jane bag is the quintessential bag for every stylish girl. To give you an idea of how classic this bag is, we decided to contrast it with the most beloved fashion-centric film of all time. We can just picture Tiffany having breakfast while looking at diamonds and carrying this tote on her arm.

The classic, structured shape makes it look elite and luxurious. The color adds a touch of vibrance in a way only pink can.