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 Evita Calfskin Tote Black Our Evita Calfskin tote is to die for. It is made out of the best quality calf skin leather, with a beautiful fabric interior and leather shoulder strap. This bag comes in black, orange and grey. It’s versatility allows you to wear it on your arm, or on your shoulder. The shoulder strap helps if the bag gets too heavy. The size of the Evita Calfskin tote is great for running errands, going to lunch, and every day tasks. The chain on the bag gives it an edgy look, making even your everyday outfits look more stylish.

 Melrose Glam Chaos Studs And Spikes Leather Bag: Black

Just by looking at this bag, you can see why any fashionista would love to have it on her arm. Keeping up with all of today’s trends, including studs, spikes, and leather, the Melrose Glam Chaos Studs and Spikes Leather bag is just to die for! The bag itself if made of cowhide leather, which makes it every sturdy and long lasting. The bag also comes with a long strap, which you can use cross body or just on your shoulder. Also, unlike other bags of this shape, this handbag has multiple pockets inside it, giving you a lot of room to organize. On our bag website, the Melrose Glam Chaos Studs and Spikes bag is only $159– a steal! Pair this with leggings, and over sized top, a stylish jacket, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

Caroline Double Flap Leather Bag Orange

This Caroline Double Flap Leather bag comes in such a wide variety of beautiful colors but we’re featuring our peachy-orange version. The bright, light color is perfect for enhancing the liveliness of a truly feminine spring wardrobe. With Valentine’s Day coming up, who wouldn’t want such an eye-catching accessory to help aid Cupid’s arrow?

This bag is made of genuine quilted leather in a pattern unique to the designers at Baginc. The inside is lined with soft, creamy fabric and designed to complement the color of the bag. Check out the video above to see a pink version of the bag in detail!

So Soho Glamorous Leather Satchel Camel

The So Soho Glamorous Leather Satchel in Camel is one of Baginc’s luxury calfskin handbags. This makes an instant impression any onlookers who happen to see this beauty in the crook of your arm. The shape is simple yet modern. The leather texture creates a vintage luxury look but the straps make it edgy and modern. The square space in the middle top area of the bag allows you to hold it in a more unique way.

The metal pieces on the bottom sides of the bag add charm and character to this bag, which is named after one of London’s most expensive and trendy areas to eat, shop and live. This bag truly is so Soho!


In case you haven’t heard, vintage-inspired backpacks are in again! This trend was en pointe in it’s peak or shall we say, hey day in the 90’s. Remember the most popular girl in 1999’s 10 Things I Hate About You discussing her most prized posession? It was her red designer backpack.

With a famous Kardashian rocking a backpack to the gym recently, it’s clear that the look is back. While hers was a vintage piece, you can buy one brand new that looks even better and is fresh. This Scarlet J Top Handles Backpack is trendy, stylish, durable and so convenient! For those of you who are tired of the same handbag on the arm look, try this one instead. You’ll definitely turn a few heads. And the price can’t be beat either.


This bag is aptly titled the “A Star is born bag” because of the beautiful design on the front. It’s classified as a Boston bag and the color is a rich hue of bronze. The embellishment is so unique that you’ll be hard pressed to find anything else quite like it.

In the middle is a beautiful heart made of white crystals. Surrounding it are metallic studs in a nebula-like fashion, making it look like a heart on fire, white hot like a star in the sky. The fabric itself looks like a metallic mesh, something right out of an image of the Milky Way galaxy. With this on your arm, you’ll not only be a fashionista, you’ll be a rockstar.

Grace Croc Leather Flap Bag Yellow

If you’re looking for a fantastic alternative for the classic chain link bags that all look the same, this is the one to go for. The Grace Leather Flap bag is uniquely bright and bold with it’s color blocking but maintains simplicity with classic hardware and a silver chain.

While the leather texture is an exquisite alligator print, it’s not a “stuffy” bag but a soft, elegant one because of it’s overall luxe look.

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