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Dangerous Love Top Handle Bag Brown With Cream
Looking for a fall bag to carry you back to school with style? The Dangerous Love Top Handle Bag is perfect for the job. The top handle is perfect to carry in a way that allows you to show off the bag but it also comes with an attachable strap that makes it easy to carry during the day.

The colors are what really go well with fall. Crisp autumn weather calls for outfits that complement the environment, especially if you’re an East Coast girl. It’s always handy to have a bag in creams, browns and dark hues to take those outfits to the next level. The Dangerous bag is just that.

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So Soho Large Leather Satchel

The So Soho Large Leather Satchel is one of those creamy, off-white bags which look as pristine as fresh winter snow. When you wear it in the holiday season, it’s look is that of a winter wonderland accessory. This bag looks great whether its worn with seasonal sweaters of different patterns or monochromatic peacoats. In the summer, its the perfect bag to wear with bright sundresses or floral Taylor Swift style designs. That’s what so great about its classic shape and white color – it’s a very versatile piece.

Made of high quality leather, it has one long adjustable strap and one short strap on top to give you a stylish carrying option. If this bag isn’t in your wardrobe yet, make the purchase and add this must-have piece to your collection!