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Nicole Ritchie is one of those rare celebs who made a full transition from trashy to classy. These days, the petite fashionista can rock a look like no other. A good example is the Celine Micro Luggage Tote. Most celebs you see will be carrying a larger Celine Luggage Tote, which makes them look skinnier and tinier in comparison!

The thing about Nicole is that she’s in such good shape that she doesn’t need eye tricks – hence the micro. Another reason to applaud her is because of the shape of her bag, which isn’t smashed with overuse as some celebs (ahem ahem, Kourtney Kardashian) do to their Celine Luggage Totes.

Nicole also knows how to work it using this bag and mixing it up with various looks. Whether she’s dressed casually, head to toe in sexy black pieces or rocking a glam animal print cape, she knows how to make the bag work with the outfit.

Rihanna’s not exactly a poster child for Vogue, but sometimes she carries a hot handbag or two and manages to turn heads for her wacky, individual style. The one she’s holding onto wherever she goes lately is the Celine Mini Boston Bag.

Also called the mini Celine Luggage bag, the shape comes in various sizes and has become well-recognized in the last few years as many celebs and fashionistas have been seen carrying it in the crook of their arms. Although it was the larger Celine Luggage bag that became popular initially, the Celine mini is also making a splash recently.