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baginc-a-boston-bag-named-desire-white-1 A BOSTON BAG NAMED DESIRE WHITE

Throwing all your stuff in a duffel bag aka Boston bag is pretty tempting but it can be so hard to find the right one to go with your look. When you’re into fashion, bags which are useful are really easy to find but it’s like searching for the Holy Grail when you want one that looks cute as well. This is one is a rare find with its clean, pristine white look with a crisp stripe pattern. The very subtle shine of the exterior fabric is what gives it the extra “oomph” factor.


For those looking for a classic, dusty-blue prep school-style satchel, look no further than the Dolores Leather Shoulder bag in blue. The immaculte, clean cut lines and pristine leather exterior is all about understated elegance. A bag doesn’t have to scream that’s it’s a luxury item in order to look like one. This one is just that and it won’t cost you a fortune – it just appears that it will! 😉

Even though we live in the age of the smartphone, you can still rock a watch on your wrist. It doesn’t have to be a fancy Rolex to deserve the honor of securing a place on your wrist – it just needs to be a perfect combo between a useful device and a stylish accessory. That’s exactly what the Audrey Wrap bracelet is. Made of genuine leather, the intricate straps are adorned with tiny gold studs that simply add to its many charms. Its warm colors and vintage look are what make it extra special.

There’s nothing more appropriate for the beach than a beach bag with a whale imprinted on the side. The La Baule Sac En Toile is a fun and quirky spin on the classic but plain holiday bag. Who says you have to be conventional and boring while you shop for a durable bag that offers a great deal of utility? This printed bag isn’t just for beach bums – it’s perfect for moms who are always looking for an adorable baby supply bag.

Even though accessorizing can be a total chore sometimes, it still goes a long way in converting a look from simple to edgy. Even a simple t-shirt can go from childish to rocker if you grab the right bracelet. You simply can’t neglect the arm, neck or ear jewelry can draws the eye towards your best assets as well as to your good taste.

That’s why having a few basic statement pieces can be so useful. Instead of having jewelry in every color to match each outfit individually, pick out one in a basic color that will go with everything. Black leather with gold accents will literally look good with anything. Grab a Melrose Glam Sixties Wrap like the one sported by pop star Rihanna or frequent festival-goer Vanessa Hudgens.

When it’s summer, the last thing you want weighing you down is a million accessories. That’s why fall and winter are so much fun for the fashion-obsessed- the possibilities are endless for creating creative looks. But during the summer, one eye-catching bag is your best shot at taking a simple tank and a cute pair of shorts and turning it into a part of a glamorous outfit.

The Most Coveted satchel is perfect for the job. The long, adjustable strap makes it easy to sport whether you’re just headed out for a short trip to the mall or for summer college courses. The sophisticated look can enhance even the most basic summer wardrobe pieces.


Still looking for the perfect summer beach tote? If you have yet to snap one up, it’s a good thing you waited. Any summer plans that involve white sand beaches call for a pristine white tote like this Grand Boulevard Woven tote in Large.

This tote bag is oversized to meet your summer travel needs. Whether you need to throw in an extra bathing suit, towel or this year’s version of 50 Shades, it’s got you covered. What makes it really stand out from plain Jane totes is the elegantly woven faux leather exterior.

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