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| November 24, 2010 at 4:23 PM

You’re Fired!

There’s been a recent spate of firings in Hollywood. According to water cooler gossip, Lindsay Lohan was fired from her role as Linda Lovelace on Inferno. Taylor Momsen was let go from Gossip Girl. Jessica Alba has considered quitting the acting business altogether.

What’s caused this undercurrent of dissatisfaction among the Hollywood elite? With a combination of unavailability of good roles for women, the paparazzi pressure, the ever-increasing public attention paid to their personal lives, and ridiculous tactics they must use to stay relevant, it’s no wonder that young women in Hollywood are struggling right now. Negative press, while still press, is damaging reputations to the point where actors like Lohan and Momsen can’t hold down their paying jobs. Bad directing and scripts that aim to gloss up and CGI the actors to death have people like Alba just plain fed up.

Celebrities live their lives like zoo animals, or goldfish in a small glass bowl. Their every move is watched, recorded, compared, and broadcast. This trend of firing and quitting may continue, as actors who can’t hack it are replaced with those who can. Since we admire the style of three aforementioned celebrities, we hope they stick around for us to draw inspiration from.