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Highway 61 Revisited Patent Leather Bag Orange

Are you the type of girl that would rather drop dead than show up at a party in the same outfit, bag or shoes as some other girl? Not only does that indicate that you lack individual style, it also puts you at par with a random person who lacks it most of the time. And there’s nothing more frustrating when you invest time and money into shopping just to have that happen.

With the Highway 61 bag, that possibility becomes remote. This leather bag comes in patent orange, the color and texture which isn’t for people afraid to take risks and turn heads. Not only is it outrageously stylish, it’s unique, quirky and perfect for making a splash with a dash of color this spring.



Hearts N Roses Messenger Blue
This bag is less of a fashion accessory and more like a piece of art. Each beautifully sculpted rose is handcrafted to exquisiteness. It reminds us of visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where such beauties are flawlessly painted by the world’s most legendary artistes. Instead of having to pay for a brief viewing, order this bag and carry it like the masterpiece it is on your arm. It’ll add beauty to any outfit, taking it from drab to fab.

We love messenger bags in just about any shape or form but if you show us one that’s unique like this, we’ll go gaga over it. This is one such case.

Eleonora Cowhide Leather Keepall Bag Red

The Eleanora Cowhide Keepall Bag truly lives up to this name. That’s why we see so many celebs and supermodels carrying this style of handbag to fashion shoots and interviews. You can throw in a day’s supply of beauty products and tech equipment and it really will “keep all” of it! The red color and stylish shape is just an added bonus. We absolutely love the stylish look of this bag and how hard working it is. Get yours today!







Audrey Satchel Leather Bag Black And White

Having a white and black handbag in your closet is an absolute must. A monochromatic purse or tote is a must-have essential because it goes with just about everything. A white outfit. A black one. Or just about any other spectrum under the sun. It allows you to mix and match outfits without fear of not having a handbag that will match.

We have the Audrey satchel in so many colors but the black and white is the most versatile. The satchel shape is a classic. It’s trendy and yet never goes out of style, making it a great investment.


Evita Calfskin Tote GreyThe Evita Calfskin tote in grey is perfect for days when you just want to look killer in a head to toe leather outfit. How do you wear leather pants and a leather outfit without overdoing the color? Grab a grey accessory to go with it.

And how do you layer fabrics and materials in an outfit that’s mostly leather? Keep the theme and pick a leather bag. It looks far better than wearing leather pants and throwing in a soft, clashing fabric bag or one that’s tricky and suede.



Vanessa Leather Tote Wine With Suede
The Vanessa Leather is one of the most stylish and trendy handbag styles in recent years. It’s incredibly versatile as well. We’ve seen teen girls, ladies in their 20-s, 30’s and beyond all carrying this shape and it looks great on all of them. It doesn’t have a specific age group or style – its look changes entirely depending on who’s wearing it and what they’re wearing it with. This is not the norm. Usually, bags can either age you or look like they’re too “young” a style at your age.

The next best thing is the deep, rich wine color. Somewhere between a velvety plum and a burgundy summer wine, this color is super stylish and will make heads turn. Drop dead gorgeous ladies who want to impress with their equally matched style should go for this bag.




Bella Calfskin Leather Shoulder Bag Black

Have you been looking for a simple yet chic black bag to wear with casual outfits? Whether you need something classy to store your college books or after-work gear, this bag can do the job while keeping you looking stylish.

The roomy inside is great for throwing in whatever you need to get through the day. It’s structured and stylish but flexible enough for high utility. The threaded pattern adds a little symmetry and character to keep this bag from blending in to the background.



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