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The Most Coveted Bag
The example above is just one way to style a beige leather satchel. Below is a super stylish which we carry at Baginc. Note the top quality leather and the intricate attention to detail, both of which make this a high end luxury handbag you can be proud to show off!

Beige satchels are one of the most easy bags to carry around. The shoulder strap takes the weight out of your hands and onto your body. You can maintain perfect posture if you turn it into a cross-body bag and allow the weight to distribute evenly. And the best part is how easy they are to style!

Great quality leather bags look absolutely fantastic no matter what you wear them with. Unlike poorly made bags which go out of style and get beat up before that, leather bags last a long time and come out looking fresh year after year.

Adele Flap Bag Cowhide Leather Caviar Beige

The best thing about the Caviar Beige Adel Leather Flap Bag is how versatile it is. With this one bag, you can style a million outfits. It can complement any color palette from pastels, brights, dark hues and even browns and blacks. The ability of this bag to add a touch of class to any outfit is why it’s such a great investment. One single purchase can bring you style rewards again and again.

The luxurious look of this luxe Caviar Beige bag is the fine quality leather its crafted from. The quilted pattern is exquisitely woven to meticulous perfection. The metallic chain straps are one of our favorite things about this bag. They’re a type of jewel on their own!

Style Guide

Moulin Rouge Quilted Tote Choco
Sometimes, you just need a bag which can be easily clutched by grabbing the sturdy chains. Simply by grabbing the chains, you’re ready to go. You can tote it around all day long without worrying about the burden on your shoulder. If you don’t have too many things to carry, it can be carried on the shoulder comfortably as well. At the end of the day, the Moulin Rouge Quilted bag is one of those casual-yet-super-stylish handbags.

It’s hard to be fully comfortable when you have to carry one of those extremely stiff and structured designer handbags. They look fantabulous but they’re not exactly easy to tote around if you’re going to be on the move all day. This one is not only easy to lug around, its gorgeous color is so very stylish to boot. Gold chains are a chic touch. The quilted material is so soft you can even use it as a pillow on your daily commute if you go by way of the tube or subway.


Aphrodite Woven Cabat Metallic Brown

Sadly, spring break everywhere is over. Even if you’ve had to drag yourself away from the beach and back home, you’ll be back in no time. It’s nearly May and June is when the fun begins all over again. This metallic tote is just the thing to take along to outings at a local lake or even to far-off destinations like Cabo.

It will easily hold all the essentials – a towel, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, an iPad and summer reading material. Not only is it super useful, it’s stylish and trendy. Totes in this size are hard to find in bright, fun metallics. This way you can steer clear of drab dark hues.




Flannel has been very trendy lately. If you’re sick and tired of seeing worn out plaids on every other hipster but do hold a soft spot for the Scottish print, why not rock it in a brighter color? This drawstring bag is subdued with a black base. The red and blue accents are secondary to the orange splash which really brightens it up.

If you’re looking for a bag to hold your thing while you go to a concert, a theme park or anywhere where you can’t be holding a bag for hours, this is it. Not only is it super comfortable and convenient to carry, the fun and fresh colors make it very youthful and trendy.



RockStar Calfskin Leather Bag Red

Nicky Hilton

If you haven’t been following Coachella street style, we’ll break it down for you real quick. It’s a three day music fest and every 20-something celebrity across America has been spotted there over the weeked. (That’s a lot of pretty heads nursing hangovers this Monday morning.) Add the entire world’s fashion blogger royalty and you have a TON of festival style pictures to take notes from.

The statement we saw nearly everyone making is that denim cutoffs (or jorts) are very, very in. The more shredded they look, the better. Ankle boots, cowboy boots, flower headbands, and bright colors are all very in. And Nicky Hilton, heiress extraordinaire surprised us by showing up with the RockStar Calfskin Leather Bag in Red. The studs are what really separates it from a regular tote. And since most people actually have to work for a living (or at least go to college to learn how to work), they don’t like peeping Toms knowing whats in their bag. Hence, we decided to forego the clear version and present to you the fiery red hot version.

Lila Leather Tassel Hobo Bag Blue

Whether you’re mingling with everyone who’s anyone in the music and fashion industries at Coachella or whether you’re Monaco’s royalty lounging around on a yacht, this bag will look fantastic on your arm. The shape is a vintage, timeless classic. The throwback to the 60s makes it elegant as well as super trendy.

In case you haven’t been perusing through the fashion blogs lately, we’ll have you know that tassels are very in and super hot right now. This bag has a tassel accent without going overboard with tassels along the entire bag so anyone can rock this look. The color keeps it fresh and flirty for spring. If you missed your chance to tote this along to Palm Springs, California this year, take it to the next music festival. Electric Daisy, perhaps? The wildly popular blue tint would fit right in without blending into the background. After all, this bag is what you wear to make a statement, not be a wallflower.

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