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Cameron Diaz isn’t the type of celeb who feels the need to step out carrying the latest trend every five minutes. It’s an established fact that she’s one of Hollywood’s heavy hitters and of the greatest looking female stars since the late 90s. It’s no surprise that the handbag she’s often spotted carrying is of the durable sort.

The luxurious looking camel colored bag is made of leather called “Palmellato,” which makes it look buttery to the touch. It’s Italian for luxury leather which isn’t machine manufactured but hand-crafted. More people are employed to make these bags to work the grain side of the bag with a cork-covered board is not only what makes it soft but considerably more expensive. But given the luxurious look and the long lasting top quality of the bag, it’s so worth it!


Some people hate Miranda because of her supermodel looks. Most people love her effortless style, even though it’s completely unfair for a girl to be blessed with head to toe perfection. We just love her Chanel handbag.

Here she is carrying Chanel’s “Perfect Edge” Flap Back bag from their Fall 2012 collection. If you’ve wanted a Chanel flap back for years but were worried that it was going out of style, have no fear, you can still get one because this look is a classic. It’s not going to look outdated anytime in the near future. And if you were looking a fresh spin on this simple bag, it’s the new, thicker chain. The bag is very classy and feminine but the chain is a little bit rock and roll. We’re loving the thicker metal detail…what do you guys think?



Vanessa Hudgens has so far been immune to the disease that has struck so many Hollywood starlets in the past. In spite of a few underage leaked racy photo scandals, the girl has grown up and is happy and healthy, seemingly drug free and doing well. In between films, this young actress loves to get down with friends at music festivals.

Now known for her carefree festival style, she likes to dress more like other concert goers than like a glammed up celeb. Even with ripped jeans and casual T’s, she still manages to stand out because of her accessory choices. Here her Michael Kors satchel lends her a little glamour and saves her from looking too grungy.

What do you guys think about the guy on her arm? Is he hot enough for the former Disney star? With a former flame as good looking as Zach Efron, any future boyfriend looking to date Vanessa has big shoes to fill!

These days, whenever you think of a fab Celine designer handbag, there’s a particular shape that comes in mind – the very shape that set Celine apart from the rest of the flock. However, singer and superstar Fergie was recently spotted carrying an asymmetrical Celine in a pretty nude shade. Just goes to show the brand is versatile and can be carried in different ways to flatter your own personal style.

Unfortunately, this bag has been slightly neglected by the label and was only produced in two colors – beige and black in the fall of 2012. But who knows – this shape seems to be catching on and Celine may start making more of them if this sudden surge in popularity continues.

Nicole Ritchie is one of those rare celebs who made a full transition from trashy to classy. These days, the petite fashionista can rock a look like no other. A good example is the Celine Micro Luggage Tote. Most celebs you see will be carrying a larger Celine Luggage Tote, which makes them look skinnier and tinier in comparison!

The thing about Nicole is that she’s in such good shape that she doesn’t need eye tricks – hence the micro. Another reason to applaud her is because of the shape of her bag, which isn’t smashed with overuse as some celebs (ahem ahem, Kourtney Kardashian) do to their Celine Luggage Totes.

Nicole also knows how to work it using this bag and mixing it up with various looks. Whether she’s dressed casually, head to toe in sexy black pieces or rocking a glam animal print cape, she knows how to make the bag work with the outfit.

Rihanna’s not exactly a poster child for Vogue, but sometimes she carries a hot handbag or two and manages to turn heads for her wacky, individual style. The one she’s holding onto wherever she goes lately is the Celine Mini Boston Bag.

Also called the mini Celine Luggage bag, the shape comes in various sizes and has become well-recognized in the last few years as many celebs and fashionistas have been seen carrying it in the crook of their arms. Although it was the larger Celine Luggage bag that became popular initially, the Celine mini is also making a splash recently.


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