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If there’s one bag ladies can’t get enough of, it’s Baginc’s Alexa Bag. Whether it’s black, chocolate, gray or camel, this style is always a hit for so many reasons. We especially love the toasty, warm look of camel. The leather is soft, which is perfect for duffel bags because when the shape is a little pliable, it’s easier to hold in the crook of the arm. If it were too stiff, it wouldn’t be comfortable to hold – that’s how you can tell a bag isn’t well designed. The leather is also slightly crinkly to give it a textured, rich look. And as always, there are leather studs in rows on the bottom to make it the envy of everyone who lays eyes on you.

Shopaholic Leather Bag Camel
Fall is that time of year when you put away summer prints, fabrics and colors and opt for more muted hues. When the season is cool and the leaves are crisp and shades of earth tones to deep yellows and rich reds, the fashionable thing to do is dress for the environment. Even if you’re sad to part with brights, its a great comfort to go shopping and see all the great fall-colored clothes that are available at the mall.

Once your wardrobe is set, you’ll still need at least one fab bag that will go with most of your dark outfits. The Shopaholic Leather bag in Camel is the kind of bag that works well in all seasons because of its warm, neutral color. Its glossy sheen only adds to its trendiness and glam factor!

Rockstar Calfskin Medium Leather Bag Camel
Need a great basic tote to go with all your looks? Calfskin leather in a camel color is your best bet. This earthy tone goes well with literally every color – whites, blacks, pastels and bolds. Camel colored bags are a favorite for Hollywood actresses and celebs when they’re out shopping or running errands with kids.

Sometimes you just need a bag you can rely on – one you can grab on your way out the door, knowing all your stuff will fit in it and it won’t clash with your outfit. The best thing about this roomy tote is the studs that outline the shape of the bag. They keep it looking super fab instead of drab.

Rockstar Calfskin Medium Leather Bag Camel

Corrine Woven Leather Hobo CamelYou can never have enough neutral bags in your handbag collection. Statement bags that come in funky colors are also a must but those can only be used to a certain extent. You need to have the perfect outfit to go with a bag in a wild color but when you’re living a hectic life, you need a wide variety of bags that will go with everything. If you don’t snap up a good one every time you see one, you’ll be left with only a couple of bags that you have to rotate again and again. Don’t sacrifice style for practicality because you can have both.

The Corrine Woven Leather Hobo in Camel goes with everything. Pastels are complemented perfectly. Dark hues can never go wrong when paired with camel. Even a black outfit looks better paired with beige, camel or tan instead of more black. This spacious bag is even better with a woven leather texture to keep it from being dull.

The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag Camel

The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag In Camel is the kind of handbag purchase which comes with two of the best qualities to look for in a handbag. For one, it’s classic shape has been spotted on the arm of just about every celeb out there who is on-point with current fashions. Two, its camel color is one that never goes out of style. No matter what the year or season, there’s always a wide option of outfits you can complement with this handbag color.

Made of luxury handbag leather, its also versatile and lets you choose whether you hold it and show it off in the crook of your arm or attach the two longer straps that come with it to make it more comfy to carry if you are in a rush or have to hold other things. Great buy!