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Victoria Zipper Leather Tote Bag Black
Zippered bags are one of the latest bag trends. There are even designer bags with metallic zips inspired by Hollywood’s biggest A list celebs. The prices of bags like that range into the mid five figure range. You don’t have to saddle yourself in eternal debt in order to afford an It Bag. The Victoria Zipper Leather Tote Bag in Black is so stylish AND affordable.

It’s made of genuine leather to give it that high end look. Not only for the sake of image but to create a bag that doesn’t crumple or age with time. The zips are not only trendy but useful – they make the bag roomier as you load it with more stuff to get you through your day.

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag White And Black
It’s fantastic knowing how many different variations there are in the Whitney bag. So many colors, patterns, textures and shapes to choose from. Whether you like color blocking, animal print, croc leather, fur or simplicity, there’s one that will be perfect for you. If you love wearing black with it’s natural chicness and slimming effect, invest in a bag that will go with all your monochromatic aspirations. The Whitney smooth leather bag in black and white has zippered pockets inside and out, a wide zipped enclosure and a lovely top handle.

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag White And Black

The Shirley Top Handle bag is more than just a staple black carry-all bag. It’s also much more than your average flap bag or shoulder bag in terms of style. The perforated leather isn’t just a stylized carving design – it’s a work of art.

The look the bag is going for is open to interpretation. Those who have a love for all things vintage will see a hint of 1930’s Hollywood Noir while others may see throwback to the designs of ancient civilizations. What isn’t up for debate is the fact that this one’s a beauty.

Some girls are just drawn to shiny things. It’s only natural to want something that attracts the eye. You just have to be very careful that the bling is more classy than trashy. The last thing you need on your arm is an accessory that looks like it was cheapy bedazzled.

The Melrose Glam Kellia Studded Leather bag in black stands up for all that is fine, intricate and glamorous in the world of jewels and stone-encrusted handbags. It’s so upscale that Elizabeth Taylor should have been given one as an engagement present.

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When it comes to classic pieces to add to your handbag collection, Baginc’s got you covered. If you’re looking to add some trendy, glam accessories to your outfits, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to stay within budget. This luxury designer-inspired handbag is made of genuine leather. Because of it’s superior manufacturing, it’s simplicity makes it look even more elegant. Grab yourself one of these and pair it with a retro monochrome tankini. After all, a trip to the beach or the poolside is incomplete without something glam on your arm.

Route 66 Black Rout 66A famous designer recently said that women who think to much about fashion and not enough about personal style fail to dress themselves well. If you think about it, it’s so true. It’s a common fashion mistake to go too overboard with fashion and deck yourself head to toe in current trends. The designer also said that she finds it easier to stay stylish by using a lot of black pieces and making sure individual items of her outfit complement each other.

This Route 66 Satchel in black  one of those key pieces that can be used to style any kind of outfit – whether it’s black, monochrome, gray or multicolored. It will look just as great whether you’re trying to create a hot streetstyle look, a casual and understated ensemble or if you just need a luxury satchel for a party night out with your girlfriends.



For a while now, aviator and wayfarers have dominated sunglasses style. There was a time when you could tell right away that someone was wearing designer shades but now those two styles have become so commonly available that they just don’t stand out anymore. That’s when you know a trend is dead in the water.

Nowadays, we’re seeing several different new styles of shades. These oversized, round-lens sunglasses are one style that is incredibly popular, especially with celebs. They’re different from your average 60’s retro round shades because of the swirl pattern on the side. Judging from how many celebs have worn this look in different ways, it looks good on every face shape.



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